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How to Pass Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Exam

How to Pass Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Exam

1. About the Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Exam

The Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional credential is intended for individuals who have experience implementing and consulting on Content Management Systems in a customer-facing role. This credential encompasses the fundamental knowledge and consulting skills to scope, design, build, and deploy Salesforce CMS solutions with repeated success for customers

contentContent40 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
durationTime allotted60 minutes
bulls eyePassing score70% (28 out of 40 questions)
price tagExam FeeUSD 150 plus applicable taxes
retryRetake FeeUSD 75 plus applicable taxes

2. Exam Outline

Salesforce CMS Basics11%
Salesforce Digital Experiences App14%
Content Creation30%
Content Organization and Administration17%
Content Syndication/Integration20%
Advanced Topics8%
Business AnalystSalesforce Certified Strategy Designer Badge LogoSalesforce Certified User Experience Designer BadgeSalesforce Certified Associate BadgeSalesforce Certified Administrator LogoSalesforce Certified Sales Representative Badge
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3. Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Exam Study Course

Accredited Professional Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Important Topics for Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Exam

Salesforce CMS Accredited Professional Content Creator
  • Salesforce CMS is a hybrid content management system (CMS) that allows you to create, edit, organize, and manage digital content all from one place. Distribute content through channels such as a commerce site, marketing email, customer community, partner portal, or any digital experience.
  • The Digital Experiences App: The Digital Experiences app, which can be accessed via the Lightning Experience App Launcher, is where you create and manage everything Salesforce CMS. You can get to the Digital Experiences Home, your CMS workspaces and channels, and Experience Builder sites from this page.
  • CMS Workspaces: CMS workspaces are used to create and organize content. You have granular control over who creates content and where it is shared in CMS workspaces with role-based access. Contributors, translation language settings, channels, content, and folders can all be customized for each workspace.
  • CMS Channels: Share your CMS workspace content with one or more endpoints or channels. The channel determines where your CMS workspace’s content is published. Any Salesforce-based channel, such as an Experience Cloud or Commerce Cloud site, Marketing Cloud email, Heroku site, or Lightning app, can be connected to.
  • Navigate the Digital Experiences Home Tab
  • Standard Content Types
DocumentA form where you can add content using any file type or external URL. Add a file up to 2 GB
ImageA form where you can add a media file or link to an external URL. You can add a BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, or JPEG file up to 25 MB
NewsA news article format with rich text and image support
Standard Content Types

5. Additional Resources

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author in his private capacity and are not a reflection of the views of his employer or Salesforce.

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