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Copado Interview Questions and Answers

Copado Interview Questions and Answers.

Q1. What is Copado?

Copado is a Salesforce native DevOps Application. It provides features such as Automated Deployment, Version Control, Schedules Metadata Backup, Automated Regression Testing. Copado can be installed in a Salesforce Org. Copado can be used to implement Agile, improve Quality Check, improve collaboration and Integration with GIT. Copado offers static code analysis suing PMD, SonarQube or CodeScan.

Q2. What is a Credential in Copado?

A credential is a connection between a user and a Salesforce environment. To work with Copado, you need to create a credential with your user in the org where Copado is installed. When creating a credential, the level of access is the same as the username used to authenticate the credential. 

Q3. What is a User Story in Copado?

A user story is the smallest unit of work in an Agile framework. It’s an informal, general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end-user or customer. In Copado, a user story is also used as a container object to develop, commit, promote, and deploy development work.

Q4. What is Environment in Copado?

An environment in Copado represents a Salesforce organization or instance of an application in other clouds such as Heroku or MuleSoft.

Q5. What is a Commit in Copado?

A commit is a process used in Copado to link changes to a user story and record these changes in a Git repository. These committed changes will be later deployed to the different environments in your pipeline. Therefore, it is essential to commit just what you need.

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Q6. What is a Promotion in Copado?

A promotion is a container used to deploy one or multiple user stories from one environment to another following a designated pipeline.

Q7. What is a Release in Copado?

A release is a feature that allows you to group user stories to promote them together as well as to keep track of the version of changes that your application experiences after every deployment.

Q8. What is a Source Environment in Copado?

A Salesforce organization or instance of an application that carries all your changes to be promoted to the next environment. For example, if you want to promote your changes from Dev1 to UAT, Dev1 will be your source environment.

Q9. What is a Destination Environment in Copado?

A Salesforce organization or instance of an application that keeps and reflects your final changes. For example, if you are promoting changes from Dev1 to UAT, UAT will be your destination environment.

Q10. What is a Project in Copado?

A project is a proposed or planned undertaking of changes that are going to be made in Salesforce or other applications.

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