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Celonis Business Value Architect Certification Exam Guide

Celonis Business Value Architect (BVA) Certification Exam Guide.

1. What is Celonis?

Celonis is a Process Mining and Execution Management Software. You can find additional details here.

2. About the Celonis Business Value Architect Certification Exam

Business Value Architect Certification is one of the role based certifications offered by Celonis aimed at professionals who drive business value by using Celonis Capabilities. Develop governance structure and operating model to maximize usage of Celonis to accomplish organizational goals.

The exam consists of three sections:

  • Adoption & Business Value Conceptual Section
    • Exam duration: 75 minutes
    • Total Questions: 30 (2 points each)
    • Passing Score: 46 out of 60 points
  • Product Conceptual Section
    • Exam duration: 45 minutes
    • Total Questions: 15 (1 point each)
    • Passing Score: 11 of 15 points
  • Product Practical Section
    • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
    • Total Questions: 20 (1-2 points each)
    • Passing Score: 19 of 25 points

To pass the exam you have to pass all the three sections. You can access training materials and training environment during the exams.

3. Important Topics for Celonis Business Value Architect Certification Exam

  • Given a business scenario identify the Celonis capabilities to be used. (Variant Explorer vs Process Explorer)
    • Which explorer is better suited to analyze different variations of the complete process flow
    • Which explorer is better suited to count the total number of cases running through a particular activity
    • Which explorer is better suited to analyze rare activities
  • Case Explorer
  • How to setup skills
  • PQL Functions
    • PQL statement to add a Background Filter
  • Given a business scenario identify the PQL Function to be used. Tip: Please create a KPI using the function in the training environment to determine correct answer of the provided scenario
  • Given a business scenario identify percentage of conforming cases
  • Given a business scenario identify use of appropriate Selection Filter
  • Bookmarks
  • Background Filters
  • Can components be copied from one sheet to another
  • How can filtered be shared and what can be shared
  • How to configure Action Engine
  • How to filter Signals
  • Which configurations are allowed during data extract
  • Benchmarking
  • Action Flows
  • Benefits of the Center of Excellence
    • Integrating teams and responsibilities and encouraging an adaptive working mode
    • Focusing on efficient use of resources to drive value
    • Continuous use of Celonis trained team members to drive expertise and consistency into results
    • Empowering the team to be forward-thinking and transformative in their actions
  • Center of Excellence roles
    • Center of Excellence Lead
    • Analysts
    • Data Engineers
    • Business Value Architects
    • Business Subject Matter Experts
  • In which areas of an organization may a COE sit
  • Celonis Operating Model
  • Celonis Personas
  • Celonis Path to Value (Frame, Realize, Sustain)
  • Return on Investment vs Realized Value
  • Three Pillars of Operating Model
    • Structure – The process and procedures necessary to support the Celonis Governance Model
    • Technology – Equip your organization with right software to execute a value add Operating Model
    • Organization – Refers to responsibilities each function and stakeholders will need to own
  • Business Impact Calculation Formula
  • Which Software Development Lifecycle frameworks are used with Celonis
  • What is Benchmarking

4. Additional Resources

Celonis Academy

Celonis Certified Business Value Architect Certificate


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