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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Interview Questions

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Interview Questions & Answers.

Q1. What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) is industry specific offering from Salesforce with out of the box workflows and data model specific to following three Financial Services verticals:

Wealth and Asset management
Private Banks
Registered Investment Advisors
InsuranceLife and Annuities
Property & Casualty

Q2. What is a Household in Financial Services Cloud?

Q3. What is a Group in Financial Services Cloud?

A group gives insight into a customer’s financial circles, such as a household with its family members and professional connections. A group provides an overall view of its members by rolling up their information.

Q4. What are Roles in a Group?

Q5. What is Relationship Mapping?

Q6. List some of the key Financial Service Cloud Object.

Q7. List some of the key KYC Objects.

Q8. What is Rollup by Lookup?

An Rollup by Lookup (RBL) rule displays summary calculations of financial account information, such as account balances. 

Q9. What are Life Events?

Life Events component shows life events for a person account or contact. 

Q10. What are Business Milestones?

Business Milestones component shows business milestones for a business account. 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Interview Questions & Answers

Q11. What is a Financial Goal?

A person’s financial goal, such as retirement or home purchase.

Q12. What are Action Plans?

Q13. What is a document checklist?

Q14. Explain Leads and Referrals in Financial Services Cloud.

Q15. What is Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) ?

Q16. Compare Household Relationship Map and Actionable Relationship Center

Household Relationship MapActionable Relationship Center
Single view of relationship
Create Relationship
Gain quick context on a Customer
Complex Group Builder
View multiple layer of relationship
View and modify record details
Identify Opportunity
Simpler Relationship Modals

Q17. Explain Compliant Data Sharing.

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