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Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Logo Contest

It’s time to prepare for Salesforce Spring ’23 Release and the first step in that direction is to vote for the Spring ’23 Release Logo.

What are the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Logo Options?

This year’s options are:

  • Option 1: Spring Sassy
  • Option 2: Team Earth Astro
  • Option 3: Bird House Building Codey
Salesforce Spring '23 Release Logo Options
Spring ’23 Release Logo Options (Image Courtesy: Salesforce)

Where can I participate in Spring ’23 Release Logo Contest?

You can participate in the Spring ’23 Release Logo Contest here! The poll will end EOD Friday, Oct 28.

We are eagerly waiting to see who get most votes. We are shouting for Brandy the Shredder!

What is a Salesforce Release?

Salesforce releases new features to customer in a Salesforce release. There are three releases in a year: Winter, Spring and Summer. The first set of upgrades happen in a sandbox instances 4-6 before the release goes into production. will be sharing timely updates about Spring ’23 Release. Please check out our take at Spring ’23 Release Notes once they are out!

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