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Top 15 Celonis Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

Top 15 Celonis Interview Questions and Answers for 2024.

Q1. What does Celonis Analysis offer?

Celonis brings together business data from your transactional systems to create the analysis. Celonis analysis allows you to discover and monitor the process as it is, not as you think it might be, and help you derive actionable insights. With Celonis Analysis one can:

  • take an exploratory approach by reviewing process visualizations that give a quick overview of how the process is unfolding, or,
  • take a confirmatory approach to check on assumptions about how the process is performing

Q2. What is a process?

A process is a series of linked steps taken in order to achieve a particular goal. 

Q3. What is an activity?

An activity is a step that occurs in the process. Process activities are actions that initiate or terminate a process or take place during it. Each activity consists of one or more tasks that together are a milestone in the process.

Q4. What is a case?

A case is an “item” or “object” you follow through the process. 

Q5. What is the Variant Explorer?

Variant Explorer can be used to discover all the process variants in your organization. Variant Explorer is one of the Analysis tools to help you take an “exploratory” approach to find out how your process is performing.

Celonis Interview Questions and Answers

Q6. What is the Process Explorer?

The Process Explorer is another analysis tool to use when taking an exploratory approach. The Process Explorer looks at all the cases in the analysis. 

Q7. What is a dimention?

A dimension is a category of attributes; for example, region is a category for organizations.

Q8. What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to calculate and add aggregated values; for example, case count, order value.

Q9. What are Single KPIs?

Single KPIs are standalone KPI; for example Net Promotor Score (NPS).

Q10. What Are Selection Views?

Selection Views offer a comprehensive set of options to filter on cases as compared to analysis sheet. There are six type of selection views:

  1. Selection views – Select cases based on specified attributes
  2. Activity selection – Select cases that flow or don’t flow through specific activities
  3. Process flow selection – Select cases where a specified activity is or isn’t followed by another specified activity
  4. Throughput time selection – Select cases where duration between two activities is faster/slower that defined period of time
  5. Rework selection – Select cases where an activity occurs less or more times than defined threshold
  6. Crop selection – Crop the cases to display only activities occurring inside cropped area
Celonis Selection Types
Selection Types

Q11. What is Case Explorer?

Case Explorer is a direct representation of raw data table columns. Each row represents a single case and each column represents a dimension of the analysis.

Q12. What is the Conformance checker?

 Using Conformance checker, you can see how far away the organization is from reaching the optimal process goal and investigate common patterns for inefficiency.

Celonis Interview Questions Conformance Overview
Conformance Overview

Q13. What are Action Flows?

Action Flows in the Celonis Studio allow you to automate your business processes. They are typically used in Execution Apps along with Knowledge Models, Views and Analyses.

Q14. What is PQL?

PQL or Process Query Language is query language used by Celonis to process event data.

Q15. What are Background Filters?

Background filters are used to filter data even before end-user begins their analysis. Background filters can be applied at three levels: 

  • Component – apply a component filter on the OLAP table
  • Sheet – apply filter to the entire sheet (so all the components in the sheet) through the Load Script tab in the sheet settings
  • Analysis – apply filter to the entire analysis through the Load Script tab in the Analysis Settings.

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