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What is Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program?

1. What is Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program?

Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program is brought to you in collaboration with NASSCOM FutureSkills

Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program is brought to you in collaboration with NASSCOM FutureSkills.

This program is a career building program is for students, early job seekers, and mid-career professionals looking to up-skill and enhance their career prospects. Through this program you can learn in-demand Salesforce skills, earn resume worthy credentials and connect to opportunities in Salesforce ecosystem.

As per the IDC report, Salesforce Economy will create 500+k jobs in India by the year 2025. The Salesforce Developer Catalyst program is developed to bridge this skill gap in the Indian ecosystem.

Through Salesforce’s online learning platform, Trailhead, you will:

  • Meet the tools and technologies that power development on the Salesforce platform
  • Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality
  • Learn about Salesforce Multi-tenancy Architecture and create a Sample Application
  • Complete the super badge set for Platform Developer I credentials
  • Earn a FutureSkills certificate

2. How Salesforce Catalyst Program Works?

  • Complete the course at your own pace from anywhere using Trailhead, our hands-on online learning platform. (Learn how to register for your free Trailhead account)
  • Earn your Trailhead Super Set
  • Receive course completion certificate from Salesforce and NASSCOM FutureSkills
  • Share your certificate and badges on LinkedIn, in your profile, and on your online portfolio

3. Which Credentials Will You Earn?

Once you complete the course you will earn:

  • Developer Superset Superbadges
    • Apex Specialist
    • Process Automation Specialist
Developer Super Set
  • FutureSkills Certificate issued by Government of India
Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program FutureSkills Certificate

4. What Is The Cost To Register For This Program?

This program is offered free of cost.

5. How Can You Register For Salesforce Developer Catalyst Program?

You can register for this program on FutureSkillsPrime website.

6. Additional Resources

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