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Salesforce Business Analyst Interview Questions

Salesforce Business Analyst (BA) Interview Questions & Answers.

Q1. What is a Salesforce Business Analyst?

Salesforce business analyst is a project-based, business-improvement role. Business analysts help guide businesses to improve business processes and efficiency in Salesforce. They elicit, document, and analyze requirements around business challenges, and then produce data-driven solutions.

Q2. What is Enterprise Analysis?

Enterprise Analysis means to understand an organization’s structure, including who reports to whom, and the functions and interactions of departments within the organization. The information you gain here helps your team successfully collaborate and communicate.

Q3. What is Strategy Analysis?

Strategic analysis refers to the process of conducting research on a company and its operating environment to formulate a strategy.

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Q4. What is Stakeholder Analysis?

Stakeholder analysis is a process of identifying these people before the project begins; grouping them according to their levels of participation, interest, and influence in the project; and determining how best to involve and communicate each of these stakeholder groups.

Q5. What is Requirement Elicitation?

Requirements elicitation is the practice of researching and discovering the requirements of a system from users, customers, and other stakeholders.

Requirements Elicitation is typically performed in three general stages.

  1. Prepare for elicitation – gather a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the project’s business need.
  2. Conduct elicitation – meet with stakeholders to elicit information regarding their needs and the needs of the business.
  3. Confirm elicitation results – validate that the stated requirements match the problem and needs and ensure that the understanding conforms to the actual desires or intentions of the stakeholders.

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