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Salesforce Service Cloud Interview Questions & Answers

Salesforce Service Cloud Interview Questions & Answers.

Q1. What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is the customer service and support application from Salesforce. Service cloud can help you deliver personalized support to your customers by email (email to case), Phone (CTI Integration), Social Media (Social Service), Chat (Live Chat), Experience Cloud Sites and more.

Q2. What is a Case?

A case is a question, feedback, or issue reported by your customer. Cases can be assigned to queues to be taken up for resolution by Support Agents.

Q3. What is a Case Team?

A case team is a group of people that work together to solve cases. For example, a case team to fix internet connection can include support agents, field technicians.

Case Team members are assigned Case Team Roles which determines team members level of access to cases.

Q3. What is the Service Console?

Service Console is a Service Cloud feature used by Service Agents to get a personalized view of each customer and their case.

Service Cloud Interview Questions 
 Service Console
Service Console

Some of the key features of Service Console are:

  1. Split View – You can see a list of cases alongside your workspace to quickly work through incoming customer issues.
  2. Related record and related list – You can see information related to a customer.
  3. Highlights panel – You can see key information about the case.
  4. Case Feed – You can see case history at a glance.
  5. Related – You can see records related to the case.
  6. Utility Bar – You can make productivity tools easily available to Agents.
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Q4. What is the Support Process?

Support Process is used to streamline case creation and resolution. Support process is used to assign Status values for cases for a particular record type. For Example, different departments in a company can use different Status values for Cases. In order to achieve this you will have to create two record types and two support processes with different Status values as required by the department.

Q5. What are Case Assignment Rules?

Assignment Rules are used to automatically assign incoming cases to specific agents based on a predefined criteria so that cases are assigned to Agents with the right skill to resolve the cases quickly.

Service Cloud Interview Questions Case Assignment Rules
Case Assignment Rule
  1. Order – Determines the order in which Case Assignment Rules will be applied.
  2. Criteria – Criteria to be used for Case Assignment.
  3. Assign To – User or Queue who should be assigned the Case is Assignment Criteria are met.

Q6. What are Case Escalation Rules?

Case Escalation Rules are used to automatically escalate cases when the case meets the criteria defined in the rule entry. You can create rule entries, which define criteria for escalating a case, and escalation actions, which define what happens when a case escalates.

Service Cloud Interview Questions 
 Case Escalation Rules
Case Escalation Rule

Q7. What are Case Auto-Response Rules?

Auto-response rules let you automatically send email responses to case submissions based on the record’s attributes. For example, you can send an automatic reply to customers to let them know someone at your company received their inquiry.

Case Auto Response Rules
Case Auto-Response Rule

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