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How to Pass Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

How to Pass Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

1. About the Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

The Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam is intended for an individual who has broad knowledge of the Health Cloud platform and its capabilities, understands Health Cloud terminology, and can troubleshoot and solve basic platform issues.

contentContent60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
durationTime allotted90 minutes
bulls eyePassing score63% (38 out of 60 questions)
price tagExam FeeUSD 150 plus applicable taxes
retryRetake FeeUSD 75 plus applicable taxes

2. Exam Outline

Health Cloud Basic Setup21%14
Care Management (Care Coordination)12%7
Care Programs (Patient Services)10%6
Interoperability / Integration12%7
Utilization Management / Persona Payer12%7
Intelligent Sales / Med Device6%3
Migration / Migrating to Health Cloud10%6

3. Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Study Course

Accredited Professional Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Health Cloud Superbadge

5. Important Topics for Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

Health Cloud

5.1 Health Cloud Basic Setup (14 Questions)

Steps to Setup Salesforce Health Cloud
Steps to Setup Health Cloud (Image Courtesy: Health Cloud Documentation)
  • To be able to access Health Cloud, every user must have two permissions.
    • Health Cloud Permission Set License (PSL)
    • Health Cloud Platform PSL
  • Optionally, you can assign the Analytics Platform PSL if you plan to use CRM Analytics for Healthcare.
  • The Lightning Console app for Health Cloud allows you to view multiple records and their related records on the same screen.
  • To access and use a Lightning console app, users must have the Lightning Console User permission, and their profile must be added to the Lightning console app.  

5.2 Security (3 Questions)

  • Shield
  • Data Mask
Business AnalystSalesforce Certified Strategy Designer Badge LogoSalesforce Certified User Experience Designer BadgeSalesforce Certified Associate BadgeSalesforce Certified Administrator LogoSalesforce Certified Sales Representative Badge
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5.3 Care Management (Care Coordination) (7 Questions)

  • Care plans are practical, actionable steps to support the health of a patient. Care plans consist of problems, goals, tasks, and care teams.
  • Problem: A problem is a clinical or nonclinical health issue identified as a priority for the patient. It can be a specific diagnosis identified by a care professional or a lab test.
  • Goal: A health goal represents a targeted outcome to be achieved by the patient in order to overcome the problem. A patient can have more than one goal associated with a problem.
  • Task: A task is the primary driver of a care plan. Tasks denote a measurable action toward a goal. They help track the progress of the activities associated with a problem.
  • Care team: A care team is the support hub of a patient’s community. It consists of individuals and professionals who work together to improve the patient’s health.
  • Care plan templates are standardized care plans with a list of actions tailored to a patient’s specific health needs.
  • Care plan template are useful because:
    • They standardize the workflow and ensure integrated care.
    • They save time and minimize effort.
    • They personalize the experience for the patient.
    • They increase patient engagement, thus leading to stronger relationships with the patient.

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