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Salesforce Resources

Links to some of the frequently used Salesforce Developer/Admin Tools and Trial Org Sign up URLs and other Salesforce Resources.

1. Salesforce Career Resources

2. Visual Studio Code

3. Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code

  • Step to install Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code
    1. Launch Visual Studio Code
    2. On the left toolbar, click Extensions
    3. Enter Salesforce Extension Pack in the search field
    4. Click on Salesforce Extension Pack
    5. Click Install

4. Salesforce CLI

5. Salesforce Ant Migration Tool

6. JSON Formatter

7. Request Bin

8. Postman

9. Convert 15 Char Salesforce ID to 18 Char

10. Salesforce Workbench

11. Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS)

12. Useful Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins and Developers

14. Salesforce+ URL

  • You can access Salesforce+ plus here!

15. Request access to Vlocity University

  • If your employer is a Salesforce Partner, you can request access to Vlocity University here. Please use your company for registration.

16. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification Preparation Slack Channel

17. Salesforce Credentialing

  • Are you interested in being part of next Salesforce Certification or Superbadge development? You can apply to be part of Salesforce Credentialing here!

18. Salesforce Org Compare

  • Salesforce Org Compare tool uses the Salesforce Tooling or Metadata API (user selection) to compare metadata between two Orgs. This is useful when planning deployments or building deployment packages, as well as seeing what configuration exists in Production to Sandbox or between Sandbox environments.

Which other Salesforce development or admin resources do you regularly? Please let us know in comments!

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