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How to Pass Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam

How to Pass Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam

If you are familiar with Approval Process and Flows (almost everyone who is Salesforce Certified Admin or App Builder or Platform Developer) then this might be the easiest Salesforce Accredited Professional Exam for you. Looking for another easy to pass AP exam please check: Einstein Prediction Builder AP Exam Guide.

1. About the Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam

Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam covers Process Automation capabilities of Salesforce. (Process Builder, Approval Process, Flow, Workflow, Einstein Next Best Action)

contentContent60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
durationTime allotted90 minutes
bulls eyePassing score68% (41 out of 60 questions)
price tagExam FeeUSD 150 plus applicable taxes
retryRetake FeeUSD 150 plus applicable taxes
Business AnalystSalesforce Certified Strategy Designer Badge LogoSalesforce Certified User Experience Designer BadgeSalesforce Certified Associate BadgeSalesforce Certified Administrator LogoSalesforce Certified Sales Representative Badge
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2. Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Outline

Automation Basics
● Describe the benefits of automation and choose
the right automation tool for a given scenario.
● Identify the basic building blocks and capabilities of
all key types of automation.
27% 17
Tools and Best Practices:
● Elaborate on the capabilities, limitations,
components, and elements of process automation
tools, including the Migrate to Flow tool.
● Explain the options and steps involved in creating
Flows, Orchestrations, and Approvals.
● Describe automation best practices.
Testing, Distribution, and Monitoring:
● Identify test cases.
● Describe declarative distribution options.
● Describe monitoring, management, and other
admin capabilities.
● Elaborate on all the standard integration
capabilities of Flows.
● Identify when to use low-code customization.
Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Outline

3. Accredited Professional Exam Study Course

Accredited Professional Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Important Topics for Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam

  • Flows can be distributed (made available to users) via:
    • Flow actions
    • Lightning pages
    • Experience Builder pages
    • Custom Aura components
    • Custom Lightning web components
    • Custom buttons or custom links
    • Flow Orchestrator (Beta)
    • Web tabs
    • Direct flow URLs
    • Visualforce pages
    • Lightning Out
    • Embedded Service deployments
  • Monitor Flow & Processes
  • Path and Kanban
  • Flow Best Practices
    • Never hard-code Salesforce IDs
    • Plan out your flow before you start building
    • Wait until the end of the flow to make changes to the database
    • Control when running users can navigate backward
    • Provide an error handler
    • While configuring a flow save early and often
    • Test as many permutations of your flow as you possibly can
    • Avoid accessing external objects after DML operations in a transaction
Einstein Next Best Action Accredited ProfessionalFinancial Services Cloud Accredited Professional BadgeHealth Cloud Accredited ProfessionalEinstein Prediction Builder Accredited Professional Badge
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  • General Flow Limits
    • Versions per flow: 50
    • Executed elements at runtime per flow: 2,000
  • Per Transaction Flow Limits
  • A flow interview is an instance of a flow, much like a record is an instance of an object. The flow interview can do many things, including look up and manipulate Salesforce data. In an interview, you can pass data into variables and other resources. The data can come from a variety of sources, such as Salesforce records that the flow queries, information that a user enters in a screen input field, or something that you manually enter.
  • Flow vs Workflow Rule
  • What automated actions can be added to an Approval Process
  • Automated Actions
    • When can a process be triggered
    • A record change process starts when a record is created or updated
    • An event process starts when a platform event message is received
    • An invocable process starts when something else, like another process, invokes it
  • Different Action Types available in flow builder
Different Action Types in Flow
  • Set Time options for Scheduled Actions
Set Time for Action to Execute
  • Flow Types: Understanding of when to use which type of Flow
Salesforce Flow Types
  • Steps to use Logic Elements in a Flow (Assignment, Decision, Loop, Collection Sort)
  • Approval Process Actions (Initial Submission, Final Approval, Final Rejection, Recall)
  • Options for responding to Approval Requests (Approve / Reject Button on UI, Email, Chatter)
  • Approval Process Limits
  • Use of REGEX functions in validation in Salesforce Flows
  • When to use Permission Sets vs Profiles vs OWD for granting access to records in Salesforce
  • Formula Fields
  • When is a Formula Field calculated
  • Rollup-Summary Fields
  • Validation Rules
  • Please review the sample questions provided in the Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Guide in Partner Learning Camp (PLC) to get an idea of the kind of questions to expect in the exam
Process Automation Accredited Professional

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  1. Thanks for the info! Today i passed my exam, since Financial Services each certification im studying, i always come to check if you did an exam guide, and always help me to certify at first try! Keep it up, you are really helpful!

  2. Thank you Dinesh, I came upon this page while learning and looking for Preparation Tipps… I followed your points and passed at first attempt!

  3. Having the news that we should only build flows from now on, what should we choose in the questions with flow vs process builder vs workflows?

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