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What is Salesforce Talent Alliance?

What is Salesforce Talent Alliance?

Salesforce Talent Alliance
Image Courtesy: Salesforce

Salesforce Talent Alliance connects employers to Salesforce candidates and brings new talent into the ecosystem, emphasizing building a diverse workforce that reflects society around the globe.

How can I benefit from Salesforce Talent Alliance?

Salesforce Talent Alliance PARTNERS are looking for the next wave of talent and they’d love to hear from you!

If you are looking for a new role with a Salesforce PARTNER ORGANISATIONS in APAC (Australia, NZ, Asia or India) and would like Salesforce to share your information broadly with hiring managers with Salesforce partners, Salesforce wants to hear it from you!

Please share your details to give Salesforce partners an idea of your experience and the role you are looking for. Please fill this* form to be part of this program.

You can get detailed information about this program at Salesforce Talent Alliance site here.

*By filling out this form, you acknowledge that your details WILL BE SHARED with ALL/ANY Salesforce Partners who are interested in hiring.

Not from APAC? You can search for Salesforce Ecosystem Upcoming Opportunities in your region here!

Courtesy: Salesforce Partners

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