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Salesforce Days 2024

What is Salesforce Days?

Salesforce Days serves as the premier partner engagement event, uniting Salesforce and its partners to enhance expertise within the Salesforce ecosystem. Through targeted sessions, incentives, and events, Salesforce fosters collaboration to empower a thriving ecosystem capable of delivering scalable customer success.

Salesforce Days Journey
Image Courtesy: Salesforce

When will Salesforce Days 2024 be Held?

Salesforce Days 2024 will be held from May 23, 2024 to July 12, 2024.

What are the Learning Tracks for Salesforce Days 2024?

Salesforce Days 2024 is offering virtual enablement events across more than 10 learning tracks, each of which includes multiple instructor-led sessions, tailored for partners. These tracks will help you learn a new Salesforce product and prepare for the relevant Salesforce credential.

Learning TrackCredential
Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI Associate
B2B CommerceB2B Commerce Developer (AP)
B2C CommerceB2C Commerce Developer
Communications CloudCommunications Cloud (AP)
Data CloudData Cloud Consultant
Energy & Utilities CloudEnergy & Utilities Cloud (AP)
Field ServiceField Service Consultant
Marketing CloudMarketing Cloud Engagement
MuleSoftMuleSoft Certified Integration Associate
MuleSoft Hyperautomation SpecialistMuleSoft Certified Hyperautomation Specialist
Public Sector SolutionsPublic Sector Solutions (AP)
Service CloudContact Center (AP)
TableauTableau Certified Data Analyst

How can I register for Salesforce Days 2024 Sessions?

You can access Salesforce Days Events on the Partner Learning Camp Events tab. Please find the steps to register for an event in PLC:

  1. Log into the Partner Community first.

2. Click the Learn tab and Start Learning under Partner Learning Camp. Partner Community and Partner Learning Camp use for logging in. Click Log In.

Learn Tab on Partner Learning Camp

3. Click the Events tab in Partner Learning Camp.

PLC Events Tab

4. Either search for Salesforce Days in the search bar or use the Salesforce Days filter on the left-hand side of the screen.

Register for Salesforce Days Events

5. Explore the events, and when you’re ready, click Register. You will receive an email confirmation and the event will be added to your calendar.

You can find latest details about Salesforce Days here.

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