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Salesforce Renamed Marketing Cloud Products

Salesforce renamed Marketing Cloud products. Below table lists new product names along with old ones.

New Product NameOld Product Name
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data PlatformMarketing Cloud Customer Data PlatformSalesforce CDP
Salesforce Marketing Cloud PersonalizationMarketing Cloud PersonalizationInteraction Studio
Salesforce Marketing Cloud EngagementMarketing Cloud Engagement
Email Studio
Journey Builder
Mobile Studio
Ad Studio
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account EngagementMarketing Cloud Account EngagementPardot
Salesforce Marketing Cloud IntelligenceMarketing Cloud IntelligenceDatorama
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product New Names

The “Why” behind the change

These new solutions reflect three values at the core of Salesforce product vision:

  1. Easy
    The Marketing Cloud portfolio is now more aligned with the language marketers already use, so the capabilities and value are easier to understand. For example, many marketers are looking for the capability and value of real-time Personalization, not an “Interaction Studio” solution.
  2. Unified
    The new names are aligned with our strategy to continually integrate Marketing Cloud into one unified platform with a data-first strategy around your customers. For example, this past year we’ve released integrations that connect Customer Data Platform, Personalization, Engagement, and Intelligence while embedding Intelligence right into the Engagement experience.
  3. Flexible
    Innovating across all of these areas helps to flexibly describe both capabilities that are available today and those coming in the future. For example, this past year we added WhatsApp and Snapchat as new ways to engage with customers, to complement email, push, SMS, and other forms of advertising.

You can find more details in Salesforce Blog article here!

What are your thoughts about the new Marketing Cloud Product Names? Please let us know in comments!

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