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Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Pardot Top New Features

Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Pardot Top New Features

1. Automate Better with Completion Action Enhancements

You can now apply completion actions to a subset of prospects who meet conditions you specify. For example, assign prospects who live in Atlanta to User A and prospects who live in Miami to User B when they fill out your form. Conditional completion actions are grouped based on prospect condition, and you can combine both standard and conditional actions on a single asset.

On the completion action interface for the asset you’re working with, add a conditional group and specify the prospect condition you want. Then, add at least one conditional action to the group.

Salesforce Spring 22 Pardot Top New Features Screenshot showing a conditional grouping with criteria and one conditional action.

Conditional actions only execute on prospects that meet the criteria for the conditional group they’re in. Use a combination of standard completion actions and conditional completion actions to achieve your automation goals.

2. Send Slack Notifications with Completion Actions (Generally Available)

Speed up your pipeline and get real-time prospect activity updates in your Slack workspace. Now marketing users can add a completion action that notifies a channel in Slack when prospects interact with marketing assets. Automatically send promising new leads to your sales team, or keep your marketing team updated on important prospect activity. To make the completion action available, install the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement app for Slack in your workspace, then set up the Slack connector in Pardot Settings.

First, ask your Slack workspace admin to install the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement app from the Slack App Directory. Then, set up the Slack connector in Pardot by adding your Slack workspace and selecting channels. After the connector is set up, the Slack notification completion action appears as an option on Pardot assets.

If you previously participated in the beta, ask your Slack workspace admin to install the new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement app for Slack. Next, follow the instructions on the Slack connector in Pardot to upgrade and connect it to the new Account Engagement app. After you upgrade, it’s safe to remove the custom app you used for the beta from your workspace. Don’t worry, completion actions added during the beta continue to function and aren’t affected when you upgrade.

3. Pardot Drip Programs Are Being Retired

Pardot’s legacy Drip Programs feature is being retired in June 2022. If you have active Drip Programs, convert them to Engagement Studio programs.

For customers who don’t use drip programs, the feature was removed with the Winter ’22 release. For remaining customers, Drip Programs are being retired with the Summer ’22 release.

4. Share Individual Campaigns with Colleagues in Lightning

Now you can manually share an individual campaign record with another Salesforce user. This Classic feature is now available in Lightning Experience. A campaign owner can set sharing settings and view the sharing hierarchy from the action menu on a campaign record.

5. Improvements to Enhanced Landing Page Experience

The enhanced landing page experience now includes support for iframes in HTML components and several small improvements to the UI. Changes were made on the Landing Page tab, landing page records, and in the builder.

Minor changes improve your experience when using enhanced landing pages.

  • Iframe supportYou can add iframes to the HTML component. A placeholder appears in the canvas that includes the source URL of your iframed content.
  • Content is rendered on the landing page after you publishChanges to image support You can now add a background image inside a row. The image component now supports height and fit options.
  • More flexibility on table rowsColumn spacing is available in the row component.
  • Enhancements to Input attributesBackground color, border, and border color styles in the Input section now apply to checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Infobubbles on the Pardot Form component paneNew infobubbles describe form styling options.
  • Enhanced tag support in Code fieldsHeader and footer code blocks now support <noscript> and comment (<!– />) tags.
  • New toast message when copying Code fieldsA toast message now appears to confirm that Code block content was copied.
  • Support for longer landing page namesThe landing page name field now supports 255 characters.
  • Changes to Public Link and Unpublish Redirect URL fieldsThe URLs you enter are now clickable, and error messaging was improved.
  • New actions on Landing Page home tab and related listRow-level actions on the Landing Page tab and the Landing Pages related list on campaigns now include delete, publish, and unpublish.

Additional Information

What are your favourite Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Pardot Top New Features please let us know in comments!

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