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Notify Teams of Inactive Opportunities Using Salesforce Flow and Yoxel

Notify Teams of Inactive Opportunities Using Salesforce Flow and Yoxel.

You must have read about Einstein Opportunity Insights or use them actively in Salesforce. The Insights can remind you of key moments in deals, or to resume communication for an important opportunity. But do you realize that you could create similar or better mechanisms with Salesforce Flow and deliver key workflow signals to your messaging apps where your users actually work?

Here are some examples of schedule-triggered flows that could be implemented:

  • Detect open opportunities that have not been updated and/or have not had any activity for a long time.
  • Detect open opportunities that are closing soon but have not been updated recently.
  • Detect high-priority cases that have been open for a long time.
  • Detect product licenses that are expiring soon.

Here are some examples of record-triggered flows:

  • Notify a certain team of a new lead.
  • Notify a team of a big opportunity that has just been won (or lost).
  • Detect an important opportunity that had a setback (close date moved or stage changed).
  • Detect a case that was re-opened.
  • Detect opportunities that are taking too long to close.
  • Notify of a deal that had a new activity (email or event).

The list can go on and on as the Salesforce Flow engine is very powerful and not limited to just the Opportunity object. You can configure Salesforce Flow to detect many kinds of interesting situations in your CRM, but notifying the right people and in the right app maybe a bit of a challenge.

Integrating with the messaging apps

Yoxel Workspace Sync package and its Yoxel Signals companion apps are here to help you deliver those workflow signals to your choice of messaging app and channel (MS Teams, Google Workspace, Webex,…). Leverage the way people work to increase visibility and engagement!

Let’s examine the ‘inactive opportunities’ scenarios. Here is a complete schedule-triggered flow: 

Yoxel Scheduled Triggered Flow
  1. The flow runs daily, and examines only open opportunities (Condition: IsClosed Equals ‘False’).
  2. Then it evaluates every record using the decision element (we used some custom logic here): detect opportunities without a close date, detect opportunities with a close date in the past, or detect opportunities with 30 days or more without activity
Yoxel Detect opportunities without a close date

3. We’ve defined the TodayMinus30 resource to be able to compare the LastActivity date field. 

Define the TodayMinus30 resource

4. When the decision is evaluated to TRUE we use the Yoxel Signal Apex Action to notify users in our Google Workspace, in a space identified by the integration token which we got earlier from the Yoxel Signals app for Google Workspace . The Yoxel Signals app is also available for Microsoft Teams and Webex . 

Send Yoxel Signal

5. This is how the signal shows up in a space/channel: 

Yoxel signal shows up in a space/channel

6. Users can access the CRM record right from their messaging app (using the Preview button). They can navigate to a parent record, i.e. Account and share the record to the space/channel again.


Connecting the power of Salesforce Flow with messaging apps makes perfect sense as the important signals should not be overlooked, and the messaging apps is where the workers’ attention is concentrated.

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