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Salesforce Introduces Hire Me Button on Profile

Salesforce Introduces Hire Me Button on Profile.

Salesforce Introduces Hire Me Button

1. What is profile?

A profile provides a unified view of an individual’s proven hands-on skills, credentials, and continuous learning with Salesforce. The Profile is connected to Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform. Your profile is your digital Salesforce resume, showing colleagues and employers what you know. 

2. Why sign up for account?

A account provides a unified login experience so that you can easily access the best of Salesforce. Manage your settings, email preferences, and connected Salesforce accounts all from your account.

3. How do I sign up for account?

Please check Sign Up for in Salesforce Help.

4. How can Hire Me button can help you grow in Salesforce Ecosystem?

Salesforce’s new Hire Me button will help simplify how Trailblazers hire and get hired in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Individuals will be able to indicate interest in new work opportunities on their Profile, while hiring managers will be able to simply click on the Hire Me button to message and connect with potential job candidates. It’s the quick, easy, and straightforward way to discover and connect with Salesforce experts.

You can read more about Hire Me button announcement here!

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