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Salesforce Easy Product Announcement

Salesforce Easy Product Announcement

Salesforce announces Salesforce Easy, a new simplified experience for businesses of all sizes, helps drive businesses forward, tapping into Salesforce’s technology expertise and best practices accumulated over the course of more than two decades. With Salesforce Easy, customers get a flexible and resilient platform, with a robust ecosystem of partner apps and services, that helps them adapt to whatever challenges lie ahead, stay connected to their customers, and move as fast as their business dictates.

The new trial, setup and activation experience lets companies across industries access a single view of the customer and drive productivity, save time, and cut costs. Benefits include:

  • Easy to increase productivity: Integrations with Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 identities make sign-on faster than ever, and a guided onboarding process helps users quickly understand ROI with streamlined contact uploading, email syncing, and calendar connection.
  • Easy to save time: Access to quick follow-up cadences and the ability to market leads through simple email outreach brings automation and signals to sellers, so users spend more time forming relationships with customers than inputting data.
  • Easy to cut costs: Sales, service and email outreach capabilities on one platform help users reduce spend, and Default Dashboards out of the box improve visibility into business growth.

Salesforce Easy Key Features

Simple Onboarding

Boost rep and agent productivity from day one. Easily onboard with built-in guidance every step of the way.

Built-In Best Practices

Getting your job done is easier than ever with built-in best practices, based on how top sellers have used our technology over the last 20 years.

Faster Sales

Get out-of-the-box sales processes that are tried and true, and start closing more deals — fast.

Efficient Service

Save your team’s time and energy with end-to-end support processes all built on one platform.

Email Outreach

Easily segment your customers into lists so you can send the right email at the right time.


Automate manual processes so your sales team can spend more time selling and less time inputting data.

You can Learn more about Salesforce Easy here.

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