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Dreamforce ’23 Highlights

Dreamforce ’23 is brimming with a plethora of exciting product announcements; here are a few standout highlights.

1. Einstein 1 Platform

Dreamforce '23 Einstein 1 Platform Announcement

Einstein 1 Platform features major advancements for Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI capabilities, all built on Salesforce’s underlying metadata framework. A trusted AI platform for customer companies, the Einstein 1 Platform gives companies the ability to safely connect any data to build AI-powered apps with low-code and deliver entirely new CRM experiences.

2. Einstein Copilot

Einstein 1 Copilot Announcement

A new and trusted out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant built into the user experience of every Salesforce application. Einstein Copilot will drive productivity by assisting users within their flow of work, enabling them to ask questions in natural language, and receive relevant and trustworthy answers that are grounded in secure proprietary company data from Salesforce Data Cloud.

3. Einstein Copilot Studio

Einstein Copilot Studio

An easy new way for companies to build an entirely new generation of AI-powered apps with custom prompts, skills, and AI models to close sales deals faster, streamline customer service, auto-create websites based on personalized browsing history, or turn natural language prompts into code, as well as hundreds of other business tasks. Einstein Copilot Studio also provides configurability to make Einstein Copilot available for use across consumer-facing channels like websites to power real-time chat, or integrate with messaging platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, or SMS.

4. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

Dreamforce '23 Data Cloud Announcement

Salesforce will offer free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses for all Enterprise, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus customers.

5. Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud

Salesforce Industries

Salesforce announced a new Industry Cloud, Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud that focuses on the key business use cases of the Life Sciences space.

You can find detailed information about Dreamforce ’23 here!

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