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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Interview Questions

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Interview Questions and Answers.

Q1. What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a suite of products and features built on the Salesforce platform to assist nonprofits in operating efficiently, raising funds, and connecting with supporters.

Q2. What is Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)?

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a collection of managed packages that are installed on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The NPSP packages make it easier to use Salesforce to manage the core relationships between individual donors, their households, and the companies for which they work.

Q3. How can you install NPSP?

You can install NPSP in one of the following ways:

  • Sign up for a trial version of NPSP (which gives you Salesforce Enterprise Edition with NPSP pre-installed). This is the easiest way and is the method recommended by
  • Install NPSP on top of an already existing organization that uses Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Q4. Is the Nonprofit Success Pack an Open Source Project?

Yes! The Nonprofit Success Pack is an open-source, BSD-licensed package.

Q5. Explain Account Model in NPSP.

NPSP supports two Account Models: Households and Organizations. Household accounts are used to track donors, clients, or other stakeholders at the same mailing address, such as spouses or a family. Organization accounts are for other types of organizations, like foundations, companies, and government agencies.

Q6. What is an Affiliation in NPSP?

Affiliation records the relationship between contact records and organizational account records, such as a program officer at a foundation or an employee at a corporate donor.

Q7. What is a Relationship in NPSP?

Relationship records the relationship between two contact records, such as spouses, parents and children, friends, or colleagues.

Q8. What is an Engagement Plan?

Engagement Plan automates the creation and assignment of Salesforce tasks, providing your team with a clear checklist for growing stakeholder relationships. You can use engagement plans to establish a procedure for welcoming first-time donors or to ensure that your staff recognizes donors who make their first gift of more than $2,000. The Engagement Plan Template object defines various engagement plans.

Q9. What is General Accounting Unit (GAU)?

The General Accounting Unit (GAU) records funds set aside for a specific purpose or due to special restrictions, such as a gift or grant intended for a specific program. You create GAU Allocation records to assign portions of opportunities to specific GAUs.

Q10. What is Soft Credit?

Soft Credit records gifts for which a contact should be credited even if they are not the direct donor. This is used when a contact influences another donor’s gift or when credit is given to all members of a household for one individual’s gift.

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