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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products Explained

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products Explained.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing application. It enables companies to manage customer engagement across marketing, sales, commerce, and service journeys. It enables marketers to deliver personalized customer engagement on multiple channels such as email, web, mobile, social, and digital advertising.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be used to:

  • Connect known and unknown profiles to gain amalgamated view of the customer which helps in making smarter marketing decisions.
  • Leverage data and artificial intelligence (Einstein) to make every interaction relevant.
  • Create two-way, real-time engagement when and where the customer wants.
  • Measure, report, and optimize on marketing performance, impact, and customer loyalty.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Email Studio Email Studio

Email Studio can be used to build smarter emails, from basic marketing campaigns to sophisticated 1-to-1 messages. It comes with drag-and-drop segmentation tools that help filter millions of customers’ profiles and segments the profiles message based on location, demographics, and individual customer preferences, making it easy for the marketers to engage customers with personalized emails.

Email Studio features:  

  • Reach customers on any device with responsive design.
  • Build messages with customizable templates: Use content blocks to populate email designs quickly using templates.
  • Deliver dynamic messages that inspire action: Whether taking advantage of drag-and-drop functions, or employing HTML code and personalized scripting language, surprise and delight with tailored, real-time content.
  • Engage customers along their journey with meaningful messages: Strengthen customer relationships with email conversations that drive every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Mobile Studio Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio helps marketers reach their customers on any device by personalizing mobile messaging with SMS marketing, push notifications, group messages, and chat app messages in real-time.

Mobile Studio features:

  • Target audiences: Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to segment mobile subscribers. Send personalized messages based on location, demographics, and individual customer preferences.
  • Trigger sends: Deliver transactional, time-sensitive messages such as password resets, shipping reminders, alerts, and updates by using an open API platform.
  • Automate mobile marketing: Schedule marketing efforts to trigger messages—when and where they’ll get noticed—based on predetermined events or user behaviour.
  • Analyze and track: Monitor performance with mobile reports to understand deliverability and engagement—even on the go with our mobile app.

Interaction Studio Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio is used to Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management—driving valuable engagement at the right moment.

Interaction Studio features:

  • Segmentation and sophisticated AI to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire customers to take action.
  • Use the power of Einstein to recommend the most relevant products, content, categories, and more based on each customer’s unique characteristics and preferences.
  • Present each customer with the next best action or offer. And with Einstein, marketers can align customer’s ideal next step with their interests—while also factoring in the value to the business.
  • Control the process: Customize, tune, and manage the algorithms powering personalization strategies with the marketer-friendly approach to AI. And apply your own business rules to govern the process.

Ad Studio Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio Integrates digital advertising with marketing and CRM data to build personalized customer experiences. It allows marketers to align and coordinate campaigns across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Display at scale.

 Advertising Studio features:

  • Find new customers with look-alikes: Gain new prospects that behave like the company’s current high-value customers using Salesforce, Facebook lookalike audiences, and Google similar audiences.
  • Align email and advertising campaigns: Coordinate advertising with email to reach more audiences. Increase purchase intent by sharing messages with customers in both channels.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers: Effectively identify and reconnect with customers who are no longer interacting with the company brands, on their preferred channel.
  • Suppress ads to existing customers: Stop advertising to current customers on Google and Facebook—and optimize spending by excluding other unwanted segments.
  • Target audiences on their preferred channels: Build audiences on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and—with Audience Studio—the entire display advertising ecosystem.

Social Studio Social Studio

Social Studio offers publishing and engagement platforms for content marketers. Marketers can use Social Studio’s unified interface to organize posts by brand, region. It offers a fully customizable team-based collaboration platform that analyzes channel and content performance, current trends, and recommends new content ideas.

Social Studio features:

  • Manage engagement at scale: Deploy a single platform for all social media engagement across every department in the company. Securely manage access and roles with user and team workspaces.
  • Streamline processes with machine learning, gauge brand sentiment and prioritize posts and then automatically route customer activity to the appropriate role in either marketing, sales, or service.
  • Get a single view of each customer: Route social posts from the company CRM platform to complete the picture of the customer across social, email, and other digital channels.
  • Open and monitor service cases based on interactions and feedback on popular social media outlets.

Data Studio Data Studio

Data Studio is a data sharing platform that helps with 2nd party/premium data in a trusted and transparent way. It allows data buyers and creators to connect and create marketing opportunities that help companies discover new audiences and customer insights.

Data Studio features:

  • Find unique new audiences: Unearth deep insights about existing and potential targets with advanced audience discovery tools.
  • Create new partnerships: Find and activate data partnerships with the most premium data providers. Get the most exclusive audiences unavailable elsewhere.
  • user-friendly interface that combines previously complicated index and overlap reports into a single view.
  • Manage data using granular provisioning tools.

Datorama Datorama

Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform that empowers marketers to visualize AI-powered insights, and create actionable reports to drive ROI by unifying data sources.

Datorama features:

  • Gain relevant feedback across marketing, service, and sales campaigns with reporting tied to company social accounts from the office or on mobile app.
  • Create topic profiles to watch fresh topics and trends from customizable dashboards
  • Monitor audience discussions on topics that matter to company brands using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition.

Journey Builder Journey Builder

Journey builder helps marketers deliver personalized customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle. It allows marketers to understand and establish a seamless customer experience with every interaction across email, mobile, advertising, and the web — along with sales and service.  It also helps to identify the moments that define the customer experience, and use them to power 1-to-1 relationships.

Journey Builder features:

  • Set and maintain automated journey logic for customer engagement, decisions, random journey splits, and content tests.
  • Deliver personalized journeys for hundreds to millions of individual customers.
  • Leverage reporting to take action on performance and changing trends.

Audience Builder

Audience builder provides drag and drop segmentation of customer databases on attributes. This allows marketers to better target email sends and get more immediate and deeper understanding of customer attributes and behavior. 

Audience Builder features:

  • Build a single view of the customers by combining all the data sources—like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data, web analytics, and offline data.
  • Transform and manage raw data into marketer-friendly dimensions. Use attributes to personalize customer conversations at any size and in any channel.
  • Filter data from multiple sources instantly to enhance customer segmentation. Send personalized messages based on purchase history, browsing activity, customer attributes etc. to precisely targeted audiences.
  • Use a dimension-based approach to spot trends and opportunities and engage customers in the right moment along the customer journey.
  • Target smart audiences Use predictive scores, to engage customers based on what they will do next.

Google Analytics Google Analytics 360

The Google Analytics 360 integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketers to integrate their Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts.

Google Analytics 360 features:

  • View your Analytics 360 reports (Site Usage, Ecommerce, and Goals) in one Marketing Cloud dashboard.
  • Measure Content Performance
  • Enhance your web optimization tests and personalize the site experience based on a wider, cross-channel view of your consumer.
  • Enrich the attribution reports in Analytics 360 with Marketing Cloud engagement data

CDP Salesforce CDP

Salesforce CDP is a self-service customer data platform, or CDP, that drives personalization and engagement. Using a series of solutions, you can achieve a single, actionable view of your customer.

Salesforce CDP is organized in a series of tabs and sections. This document walks you through the steps to provision your account, import data, segment the data, and send it to your chosen activation platforms

Salesforce CDP Features:

  • Capture, unify, segment, and activate your customer data.
  • Use Identity Resolution to match and reconcile data about people into a comprehensive view of your customer called a Unified Individual.
  • Use Insights features to define and calculate multidimensional metrics from your entire digital state stored in Salesforce CDP.
  • Use Segmentation to break down your data into useful segments to understand, target, and analyze your customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect is a connector to connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Service or Sales Cloud. Data from Service or Sales Cloud can be used to trigger email in Marketing Cloud and email tracking data is replicated back in Salesforce.

Marketing Cloud Connect Features:

  • Access powerful Marketing Cloud tools directly within Sales or Service Clouds.
  • Ensure a consistent branding and messaging experience.
  • Access Email Tracking Data from Sales or Service Cloud.

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