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What is MuleSoft Industry Champions Program?

What is MuleSoft Industry Champions Program?

1. What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is a leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs.  MuleSoft Anypoint Platform provides a suite of tools to create and manage these APIs. It also offers developer tools like MuleSoft Studio and MuleSoft Composer.

  • MuleSoft API Categories
    • System APIs handle the minutiae of connecting to systems (think databases) such that users are insulated from any changes
    • Process APIs shape data across System APIs, with the intent of modeling business needs and processes, to break down technology silos and make data more consumable. 
    • Experience APIs reconfigure this data so that it is most easily consumed by its intended audience through apps and devices. APIs at this level are created with reusability in mind, without a dependence on the source systems from which that data originates

2. About the MuleSoft Industry Champions Program

  • The program is designed to enable Client/Account leaders at scale to support an understanding of the MuleSoft messaging by industry. 
  • Online self-paced 45 minute session. 
  • Consists of Industry Point of View, Industry Use Cases, Customer References & quizzes to test your understanding of the course.  
  • At the end of the course you are awarded course completion certificate. (Advanced, Expert or Champion based on marks scored) 

3. Intended Audience

Client/Account leaders with both a technical and business focus.

4. MuleSoft Industry Champions Program Course Availability

Following Industry Champions course are available:

  • Banking Champion
  • Insurance Champion
  • Healthcare (Provider) Champion
  • Manufacturing Champion
  • Public Sector Champion
  • Retail Champion

For an upto date list of course please refer program details in Mindtickle.

5. How to Register MuleSoft Industry Champions Program?

Registration for this Program is a two-step process: 

Step 1.

Fill up the registration form to participate in the program using partner email. (Please contact your MuleSoft representative for your employer for the registration link)

Step 2.

If selected for participation you will receive an invitation email to sign up for the courses in Mindtickle.

6. Final Thoughts

I am happy to announce that I have completed six MuleSoft Industry Champion courses! I strongly recommend these courses because they will be extremely beneficial in improving understanding of MuleSoft messaging by industry. 

Manufacturing ChampionMuleSoft Banking Champion
MuleSoft Healthcare ChampionMuleSoft Insurance Champion
MuleSoft Retail ChampionMuleSoft Public Sector Champion

7. Additional Resources

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author in his private capacity and are not a reflection of the views of his employer or Salesforce.

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