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How to Request a Salesforce Demo Org in Partner Learning Camp?

Are you a Salesforce Partner? You can request a Salesforce Demo Org in Partner Learning Camp.

Demo Orgs for Partners

Simple Demo Org (SDO), Industry Demo Orgs (IDOs), and the Smartbytes Demo Org provide you features and data you need for a Client Demo. These demo orgs expire in 30 days.

Steps for Requesting Demo Org

Step 1: Complete the SDO Fundamentals course in Partner Learning Camp

  1. Access Partner Learning Camp
  2. Search Simple Demo Org Fundamentals
  3. Hover over course Card to see details
  4. Click Enroll
  5. Complete the course
  6. Once you complete the course will be be able to see Demo Org Tab
Salesforce Demo Org Tab
Demo Org Tab

Step 2: Submit the Demo Org Request Form in Partner Learning Camp

  1. Click the Demo Org Tab
  2. Select the Demo Type you want to request
  3. Read details on the right side (changes based on selected demo org)
  4. Check your information. Your username will auto-populate.
  5. Check the box for the Master Subscription Agreement after reading
  6. Click Submit
Salesforce Demo Org Request Page
Demo Org Request

Step 3: Click the Salesforce Demo Org Link

After the request has been submitted, you will receive an email with a link to access the provisioned Demo Org. Auto-provisioning takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Not a Salesforce Partner, you can spin up a trial org

If you are not a Salesforce partner you can spin up a trial org using one of the links below:

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5 thoughts on “How to Request a Salesforce Demo Org in Partner Learning Camp?”

  1. Do SDOs expire for Partners? I thought they never expired but I’m getting a message that my trial has expired and to contact sales.

      1. Salesforce has an automated system for trial org extensions. To submit your trial org to our automated system, please follow these steps:
        1.Log into Partner Community.
        2.Click on the Help icon in upper right and select “Log a Case for Help.”.
        3.Select Partner Program Support > Partner Programs & Benefits > Trial Org Extension.
        4.Enter information in the required fields and the org will be extended automatically

  2. Hi Dinesh,
    How can I get Salesforce and AWS unify developer experiences org to learn more about Salesforce and AWS integration. And can you please suggest some resources that can help me to improve my Salesforce integration skills.
    I have completed many integration related trails in trailhead.

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