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How to Pass Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam

How to Pass Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam.

The Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant certification is ideal for consultants who have experience implementing and consulting on enterprise data platforms in a customer-facing role, including designing, configuring, and architecting solutions.

1. About the Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Exam

contentContent60 multiple-choice
durationTime allotted105 minutes
bulls eyePassing score62% (38 out of 50 questions)
price tagExam FeeUSD 200 plus applicable taxes
retryRetake FeeUSD 100 plus applicable taxes

For up to date information about this certification please refer to the official exam guide here!

2. Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Exam Outline

Solution Overview18%11 Questions
Data Cloud Setup & Administration12%7 Questions
Data Ingestion & Modeling20%12 Questions
Identity Resolution14%8 Questions
Segmentation and Insights18%11 Questions
Act on Data18%11 Questions
Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Exam Outline

3. Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Exam Study Course

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4. Important Topics for the Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Exam

4.1 Solution Overview 18% (11 Questions)

  • A customer data platform (CDP) is a place where a company collects and stores data about its customers. 
  • With Customer Data Platform you can:
    • Create unified customer profiles across all touch points by connecting identities, engagement data, customer orders, loyalty, and marketing journeys.
    • Build smarter audience segments using insights and filtering capabilities.
    • Activate data from anywhere across your organization.
    • Capture and unify data from anywhere with a high-scale data ingestion service.
    • Analyze your data using tools like Tableau or Marketing Cloud Intelligence.
  • Customer 360 Data Model is Customer Data Platform’s standard data model 
  • Customer 360 Data Model Terminology
    • Subject Area – A term used to group similar data objects to aid in data modeling
    • Data Stream – A data source brought into Customer Data Platform
    • Data Model Object (DMO) – A grouping of data (made up of attributes) that are created from data streams, insights, and other sources
    • Attribute – A specific piece of data found in a DMO
    • Foreign Key – A common link found between data sources that builds data relationships
  • CDP Capabilities
    • Ingestion – Consume or activate data to any cloud and any application
    • Identity – Connect, match and resolve customer data
    • Segmentation and Activation – Create smart segments and activate anywhere
    • Insights – Embed your data with intelligence and make it available to analytics systems

4.2 Data Setup & Administration 12% (7 Questions)

  • Customer Data Platform for Admins
  • CDP Implementation preparation steps
    • Identify project stakeholders.
    • Identify data sources and integrations.
    • Understand system requirements.
    • Identify Customer Data Platform users.
    • Document all business requirements.
  • CDP Permission Sets
    • Customer Data Platform admin – Responsible for the setup of the application
    • Customer Data Platform marketing manager – Manages the overall segmentation strategy and identifies the target campaigns
    • Customer Data Platform marketing specialist – Creates, manages, and publishes segments of the messaging campaigns the marketing manager identifies.
    • Customer Data Platform data aware specialist – They create and manage data streams, map data, and build calculated insights to be used in segmentation. 
  • Starter data bundles are pre-modeled standardized data sets and are available for Marketing Cloud Email Studio, MobileConnect, and MobilePush.
  • Sharing rules can be used on Salesforce CDP to control access
  • Sharing rules can be applied to the following CDP objects:
    • Data Stream
    • Calculated Insights
    • Segment
    • Activation Target
    • Activation
  • CDP setup process steps order
    1. Configure Admin user
    2. Provision CDP
    3. Create profiles and configure additional users
    4. Connect to relevant Salesforce Clouds
  • Salesforce CDP home page
Salesforce CDP Tabs
  • CDP Tabs
    • Data Streams and Data Model provide insight into your selected data model and connected data sources that are created by the data aware specialist user.
    • Calculated Insights are predefined and calculated metrics that can help you build segments.
    • Identity Resolutions is where your team creates match and reconciliation rules to unify individual records. 
    • Data Explorer and Profile Explorer are data-viewing tools, allowing you to view your ingested and unified profile data, respectively.
    • Segments tab is where you create your filtered audience segments.
    • Activation Targets and Activations are used to manage where segments get exported, for example Marketing Cloud.
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