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Reliving WIT Dreamin’ 22: A Glimpse into What Awaits You in 2023!

WIT Dreamin' 22

Step into a dynamic world where women’s technological talent takes the front stage and dreams fly. Welcome to the outstanding Salesforce conference known as Women in Tech Dreamin’ 23, which is not only an event but a movement. Neetu and Khyati, the dynamic duo behind WIT Dreamin’, have pioneered a transformative platform for women in the Salesforce ecosystem. Hailing from traditional Indian backgrounds, they’ve overcome societal challenges to emerge as leading figures in the tech domain. Their shared vision has not only fostered a space where women feel empowered but has also ignited a community-driven spirit of innovation and inclusion. 

Last year, WIT Dreamin’ 22 gathered an impressive group of speakers for insightful sessions. Arundhati Bhattacharya set the tone, and she was joined by Kavindra Patel, Sanket Atal, Guilda Hilaire, Krupalatha Martin Dass, Shibu Abraham focused on improving SFMC development skills, and Vinay Chaturvedi, who advised on how to be a better career ally. Their presentations sparked lively discussions, increasing the event’s impact. 

WIT Dreamin’ 23 is breaking barriers and reshaping norms, showcasing the remarkable contributions of women across tech roles. Whether you’re an administrator, developer, marketer, or architect this event is designed for trailblazers of all stripes. Their mission is crystal clear – An atmosphere that encourages women’s progress and leadership in the technology industry. They want to encourage creativity and teamwork in order to ensure that women’s voices are heard and their full potential is accomplished. 

As the anticipation for the event builds, the WIT Dreamin’ team has got a treat for you to tide you over! Join them every Friday for weekly ‘Trailblazer Talks’ on LinkedIn, where you can get your questions answered by the luminaries of the Salesforce world, including the likes of Kavindra Patel, Gaurav Kheterpal, Kiran Manyala, and more. And if you’ve got questions about WIT Dreamin’, drop in on Twitter Spaces every Thursday to chat directly with the team. Need more reasons to be a part of WIT Dreamin’ 23?

5 Reasons why you should Attend WIT Dreamin’ 23

  • Amazing speakers from the salesforce ecosystem. 
  • Getting started with Salesforce and its various tools and technologies.
  • Opportunity to network with other trailblazers. 
  • Getting inspired, seeking support, and interacting with salesforce enthusiasts, MVP’s, Hall of Famers, and Golden Hoodie winners.
  • Last but not least, there are “Swags and Goodies”. 

Unlock Endless Possibilities: WIT Dreamin’ 23 Is Waiting for You 

Are you fueled by a passion for driving transformative change? Do you hold within you a treasure trove of experiences and insights waiting to be shared? This is your moment to shine. Get ready to be a part of the electrifying WIT Dreamin’ 23 event. 

WIT Dreamin’ team is gearing up to unite together a weaving of diverse voices and fresh perspectives on our platform. The stage is set, and the spotlight is on YOU – the thought leaders, the groundbreakers, the innovators. The Speakers Call is open for a limited time, which extends an open invitation to industry professionals, innovators, and individuals who dare to dream differently. Send in your applications today. 

Moreover, you can make a difference and be a catalyst for change. Join WIT Dreamin’ 23 as a passionate volunteer. Accept the opportunity for Volunteers to contribute to an inspirational event that honors and empowers women in technology. 

In reflection, this year’s event promises not only to carry forward the legacy of inspiration and learning from the last year but to elevate it to new heights. The past attendees’ experiences are a testament to the enriching encounters, trailblazing insights, and transformative interactions that WIT Dreamin’ consistently delivers. Whether you’re returning or joining WIT Dreamin’ for the first time, prepare to be inspired, educated, and connected in ways you’ve never imagined. See you there!

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