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How to Setup Salesforce Org with Data Cloud

Do you need access to Salesforce Org with Data Cloud for completing hands on assignments or preparing for Data Cloud Consultant Certification? Here are the steps to get a Data Cloud org in minutes.

Option 1: Data Cloud Demo Org (DCDO) in Partner Learning Camp (Expires in 30 Days)

  1. Login to Partner Learning Camp. (Data Cloud Trial Orgs are only meant for registered Salesforce Partners & internal Salesforce employees. If you are not eligible for DCDO please refer option 2 in this article)

2. Click on the Demo Org Tab.

PLC Demo Org Tab

3. Fill in the required details. Please select Demo Type as “DCDO”

Demo Org Request

4. You will receive email to verify your account and set password.

5. Login to the org. This my require Salesforce Authenticator app setup. This demo org does not have Data Cloud installed it still need to be setup.

6. Go to your user detail and assign “Data Cloud Admin” permission set to yourself.

Permission Set Assignment
Data Cloud Admin Permission Set

7. Now you should be able to see the “Data Cloud Setup” Option in Setup.

Data Cloud Setup

8. Click on “Data Cloud Setup”, you will be taken to Data Cloud Setup page. Click on “Get Started”.

Data Cloud Setup Page

9. Data Cloud Setup will take few minutes.

Setup In Progress

10. Once Setup is complete you can proceed with your hands on assignments.

Data Cloud H/ome Page

Option 2: Salesforce Developer Edition Org with Data Cloud (Expires in 5 Days)

1. Sign for a Salesforce Developer Edition org with Data Cloud here.

2. Fill in the required details.

Data Cloud Developer Org Request

3. You will recieve email with instructions to set the password.

Request Confirmation Page

4. Once setting up the password you are ready to use the org.

Additional Data Cloud Resources

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