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Session 3 – Free Salesforce Administrator Certification Training for Beginners

Free Salesforce Admin Certification Training for Beginners. Are you a college student or someone without any prior experience in Salesforce looking to learn Salesforce for free? This training is specially for you! Follow this Do It Yourself style training and learn Salesforce and pass Salesforce Admin Certification in less than 3 months.

Summary and recording for Session 3 of Free Salesforce Administrator Certification Training by Forcepective held on 22 Jan 2022.

1. Agenda

Sales and Marketing Applications: 12%

  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Products and Price Books
  • Quotes and Contracts
  • Campaigns

2. Accounts and Contacts

  • Account: Companies or Individuals that you’re doing business with
    • Business Account
    • Person Account
  • Contacts: People who work for the Companies you’re doing business
  • Contacts to Multiple Account: You can associate a contact to multiple Accounts
  • Account Hierarchy: Used to show relationships between parent accounts and their subsidiaries
  • Account Teams: Team working on an Account (You will have to Enable this feature) 

3. Leads and Opportunities

  • Leads are potential customers
  • Opportunity are in progress deals
  • Opportunity Status
    • Prospecting
    • Proposal/Price Quote
    • Negotiation/Review
    • Closed/Won
    • Closed/Lost
  • Contact Roles – Tell you which contacts you’re dealing with and how each contact is related to the opportunity
  • Opportunity Teams – Relate particular people at your company to accounts or opportunities
  • Opportunity Split – To give opportunity team members incentive to complete a deal by letting the opportunity owner share credit
  • Path – Is a visualization tool used on objects to help guide users along a Path to a final destination
  • Kanban – A visual summary of the records in a list view
  • Sales Process – A set of important steps that your sales team can follow to complete a sales cycle
  • Lead Conversion – A process in which a lead record is converted into Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities
Image Source: Salesforce Documentation

4. Products and Price Books 

  • Product – Products are a base catalog of all the items and services you sell and their standard prices
  • Pricebook – A price book is a list of products and their prices.
    • Standard Price Book – Master list of all your products and their default standard prices
    • Custom Pricebook – Separate list of products with custom prices, called list prices 
  • Pricebook Entry – A price book entry is a product with its price as listed in a price book. Each price book entry specifies a currency for the price
Image Source: Salesforce Documentation

6. Quotes and Contracts

  • Quote – A Quote shows your customers the prices of the products and services your company offers
  • Contracts – Documents the prices and terms both parties agree to

7. Campaigns

  • Campaigns – Help you track engagement and report on your marketing efforts. Use campaigns to communicate and share resources with coworkers during planning and execution, and then monitor and report on campaign successes.
  • Campaign Hierarchy
  • Campaign Members – Leads, Contacts and Person Account

8. Activity List

8.1 Create Sales Process

  • Setup -> Sales Processes
  • Name: Forcepective Sales Process

8.2 Create New Opportunity Record Type “Policy”

  • Setup -> Object Manager -> Opportunity -> Record Types
  • Record Type Label: Policy
  • Record Type Name: Policy
  • Sales Process: Forcepective Sales Process
  • Make Available to All Profiles
  • Apply one Layout to All Profiles: Opportunity Layout

8.3 Create Lead

  • App Launcher -> Sales -> Lead Tab
  • Click on New
  • First Name: John, Last Name: Smith, Company: Forcepective, Lead Status: Open Not Contacted

8.4 Convert Lead

  • Click on Convert Button
  • Review Details and Click Convert

8.5 View Account, Contact and Opportunity created after Lead Conversion

8.6 Enable Quotes

  • Go to Setup -> Quote Settings -> Click “Enable”

8.7 Add Product

  • Add Product: SLA Gold

8.8 Create Quote

8.9 Generate Quote PDF 

8.10 Create a Contract 

8.11 Create a Campaign 

  • (Check Marketing User checkbox on User Detail Page if not already checked)
  • Go to App Launcher -> Marketing -> Campaigns Tab
  • Create new Campaign: Summer 22
  • Add Campaign Members

9. Assignments to be completed before next session

Sales and Marketing Applications: 12% 

  1. Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience
  2. Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience
  3. Products, Quotes, & Contracts
  4. Campaign Basics
  5. Customize a Sales Path for Your Team

10. Session Recording

10.1 Salesforce Admin Certification Training Session 3

11. Free Salesforce Administrator Certification Training Blogs

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  1. Thank you Dinesh Yadav Sir for detailed information, it really helped beginner like me to understand technical definitions in simpler words and able to clear concepts topic by topic.

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