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Salesforce Security & Privacy Accredited Professional Exam Guide

The Security & Privacy Accredited Professional exam is intended for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience with key security and privacy topics.

1. About the Security & Privacy Accredited Professional Exam

  • Content: 60 multiple-choice/multi-select questions
  • Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 66% (40 out of 60 questions)
  • Registration Fee: $150 plus applicable taxes
  • Retake Exam Fee: $75 plus applicable taxes
  • Prerequisites: None

2. Exam Outline

General Security
● Handle general security client needs including identity, Data security, authorization & advanced topics
MFA: Safeguarding Access using MFA
● Convey the importance of MFA to their clients
MFA: MFA Rollout Strategies
● Develop a strategy to safely secure client users
MFA: MFA for Non-Core
● Offer MFA options for users on non-core products
Shield: Event Monitoring
● Encrypt some but not all of your data
Shield: Platform Encryption
● Encrypt some but not all of your data
Shield: Field Audit Trail
● Define a policy to retain archived field history data
Data Mask
● Mask sensitive data in sandboxes such as Personally Identifiable Information(PII) or sales revenue
Security Center
● Get complete visibility into your Salesforce Environment
Customer 360 Privacy Center
● Take control of your customer data

3. Security & Privacy Accredited Professional Exam Study Course

Accredited Professional Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Important Topics for Security & Privacy Accredited Professional Exam

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