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Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam Guide.

1. About the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam

The Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant credential is designed for consultants who have experience implementing Salesforce Education Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role.

  • Content: 60 scored, multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and up to 5 non-scored questions
  • Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 67% (41 out of 60 Questions)
  • Registration fee: USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee: USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Prerequisite: Salesforce Administrator credential

2. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam Outline

Domain Expertise: 18% (11 Questions)

  • Determine the solution set that satisfies customer requirements (marketing and engagement, recruitment and admissions, student experience, and advancement and alumni relations).
  • Explain the Education Cloud solution for K-12 customers.

Education Cloud Configuration: 22% (13 Questions)

  • Discuss the capabilities and considerations of Education Cloud, including compatibility with other Salesforce products and features.
  • Install and configure Education Cloud.

 Implementation Strategies and Best Practices: 18% (11 Questions)

  • Facilitate a successful implementation (plan, gather requirements, design, build, test, document, deploy, and optimize).
  • Illustrate governance, change management, staffing, implementation strategies, deployment considerations, and adoption best practices including community resources for long-term solution success.

Solution Design: 19% (11 Questions)

  • Evaluate the similarities, differences, and relationships between Education Cloud account model considerations and standard Salesforce Account-Contact data models.
  • Design an appropriate and scalable solution for education customers.
  • Locate community and open-source solutions and resources.
  • Decide when to use Education Cloud, other Salesforce solutions, community open source solutions, and third-party applications.

Integration and Data Management: 16% (10 Questions)

  • Evaluate integration considerations for connecting systems in an Education Cloud implementation.
  • Explain data management considerations (data usage, forecasting, large data volumes, migrations in Education Cloud.

Analytics: 7% (4 Questions)

  • Distinguish between reporting solutions in Education Cloud.
  • Demonstrate when a data analytics solution is appropriate.

3. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

4. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Certification Exam Trailmix

5. Important Topics for Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam

5.1 Domain Expertise: 18%

5.2 Education Cloud Configuration: 22%

 5.3 Implementation Strategies and Best Practices: 18%

5.4 Solution Design: 19%

5.5 Integration and Data Management: 16%

5.6 Analytics: 7%

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