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Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Key Dates

Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Key Dates.

December 15: Sign up for a prerelease environment

A prerelease org is a test environment with new release features enabled, allowing you time to test and figure out which new features are right for your organization. If you already had a prerelease org for Winter 23, you can log back into that one.

December 21: Preview release notes are available

Spring ’23 Release Notes are available. Use filters to display only the sections that relate to the edition and clouds you currently use.

January 5: Sandbox cut-off date

Use your sandbox to get early access to new features and test configurations before the scheduled production upgrade. You must have an active sandbox on a preview instance before January 5, 2023, to get the Spring ’23 preview in your sandbox. In most cases, you don’t need to do anything because your sandbox is already on a preview instance. Get all the details you need in the sandbox preview instructions article on Salesforce Help.

January 6 and 7: Sandboxes upgraded

If you’ve decided to take advantage of sandbox preview, your chosen sandboxes are upgraded to Spring ’23 this weekend. Like the prerelease program, the sandbox preview allows you to test new features without impacting your live environment. However, the added benefit to the sandbox preview is the ability to test new features using a configuration that matches your production environment.

January 6: Spring ’23 release site is live

Release Highlights module on Trailhead is available. It is a quick and easy way to learn about features.

January 13: First release weekend

The first release weekend is when we at Salesforce and a small number of customers get upgraded. If you’re ready for your upgrade, the Release Readiness Trailblazers group will have all the content you need to get your organization’s users up to speed on the new features you plan to rollout.

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January 20 to 27: Release Readiness Live

Salesforce admin and developer evangelists kick off the Spring ’23 release with their favorite features. Then, the product management team will discuss and demo the new features. See how those features work in real time and get a sneak peek into the roadmap for 2023. Full details on the agenda and schedule will be posted in January on our Release Readiness Trailblazers group.

February 3: Second release weekend

Another set of instances gets upgraded during the February 3 weekend. If you have any questions, Salesforce Trust page has the latest info on the timing of the upgrade. And, since the release only takes five minutes, the upgrade shouldn’t impact your operations or uptime.

February 10 and 11: Final release weekend

All remaining Salesforce instances are upgraded on February 10 and 11. If you previously opted out of including your orgs in the sandbox preview, they will be upgraded this weekend.

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