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Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Key Dates

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Key Dates

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Key Dates
Spring ’22 Release Key Dates (Graphic Courtesy: Salesforce Admins)

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Key Dates

  • December 16 – Sign up for a pre-release environment with all the Spring ’22 features to explore, learn, build, and get comfortable with features and functionality.
  • December 22 – Preview Release Notes are available with details of all new release features. The notes will go live December 22, 2021.
  • January 6 – Sandbox cut-off date. If your sandbox is not slated to be updated to preview, take action before 6 p.m. Pacific Time on January 6 to get early access to all the Spring ’22 features in one of your sandboxes. Check out this Help Article for instructions on exactly how and when to refresh your sandbox.
  • January 7 and 8 – Sandboxes upgraded. Check out Release Updates in Setup to review and activate release updates to improve org performance, security, business logic, and usability.
  • January 7 – Spring ’22 Release site is live. Check out the Spring’22 release page for new trailmixes for admins and developers that feature highlights of the Spring ’22 Release.
  • January 14 – First release weekend. Few instances are upgraded to Spring ’22 Release.
  • February 4 to 11 – Release readiness live broadcast with demo of some of the key Features of Spring ’22 Release.
  • February 4 – Second release weekend, Another set of instances gets upgraded to Spring ’22’ Release.
  • February 11 and 12 – Final release weekend. All remaining Salesforce instances are upgraded on February 11 and 12. If you opt out of including your orgs in the sandbox preview, they will be upgraded this weekend.

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