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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Key Dates

Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Key Dates

Salesforce Winter '24 Release Key Dates
Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Key Dates (Image Courtesy: Salesforce)

August 16: Review the Release Notes

The Winter ’24 release notes will go live August 16. You can find Winter ’24 release notes here!

August 21: Get early access by signing up for a pre-release org

Admins can sign up for a pre-release Developer Edition environment which is full of all the Winter ’24 features Pre-release org signups will be available for a limited time between Monday, 8/7 at 6:00am and Thursday, 8/10 at 5:00pm PT. New pre-release org signups will be disabled for maintenance between Friday, 8/11 and Monday, 8/21.

August 24 before 5 p.m. PT: Be sure to refresh your Sandbox

Once you’ve explored the pre-release org and reviewed the Release Notes for features that are important to you, it’s time to try out features related to your customizations in your sandbox. This is a great time to evaluate how specific features may be useful or impact the way your organization uses Salesforce.

During each release, there is a group of sandboxes slated to remain on the non-preview instance (i.e. the current release) while there is another group of sandboxes that will upgrade to the preview instance.

Use the Salesforce Sandbox Preview Guide to determine the plan for your sandbox instance(s). Below are screenshots of the tool where you can search by sandbox instance and then specify what you want to do with your sandbox — stay on the non-preview or move to preview. It will then instruct you to refresh your sandbox to get to the desired instance or that there is no action needed because your sandbox is slated for the desired instance.

August 25: Sandbox preview begins

Check your sandbox instance on Trust for your sandbox upgrade window. Just like the pre-release org, sandbox preview gives you the opportunity to test new features against your own customizations without affecting your live environment.

September 11: Learn MOAR about Winter ’24 features

Check out the Salesforce Admin and Developer blogs for announcements about new features and trailmixes that feature highlights from the Winter ’24 release.

September 1, October 6, October 13: Winter ’24 arrives!

Check the Maintenance Calendar for exactly when your Salesforce org will get the Winter ’24 features. Scroll through the list and check your Salesforce instance (NA__, EMEA__) against the release dates listed in the calendar. Once the release window has passed for your environment, you’ll have access to the newest features in your production environment!

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