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Salesforce Launches Salesblazer

Salesforce Launches Salesblazer

Today, Salesforce announced it is launching Salesblazer, a community of sales professionals where anyone in the field can come to learn, connect, and grow their careers and help their companies thrive with the skills they gain.

Salesblazer is a destination for sales professionals that brings together learning, community, and content. It empowers all professionals to be successful in sales.

Salesblazer has the resources and support anyone needs to:

  • Learn: Sellers can deepen their selling skills through Trailhead, our free online learning platform, by earning more than 55 badges curated into four new trailmixes, or one of four learning paths: sales rep, business development rep, sales leader, and sales operations professional. They also have access to best practices and actionable tips from top sales influencers and experts. 
  • Connect: Through our Trailblazer Community, we’ve seen the power of learning together. Now, sales professionals have a dedicated place to share knowledge, coach and mentor one another, and network with fellow sellers throughout the sales cycle.
  • Grow: Salesblazer offers the chance to earn resume-worthy credentials and showcase expertise with a Sales Representative Certification, which sharpens skills in sales strategy, deal management, forecasting, and closing deals. 

You can read more about this announcement here!

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