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Explore Salesforce Product Roadmaps

Salesforce has introduced new Product Roadmaps on the Salesforce Architects website. In this initial release, Salesforce migrated over the Lightning Experience roadmap and will be adding more products in the months ahead, with the goal of giving you a single place to explore roadmaps across the entire Salesforce product portfolio. The existing Lightning Experience Roadmap will be redirecting to this new roadmap component until they are eventually retired. 

Salesforce Architects Home Page

You can find the Salesforce Product Roadmaps in Roadmap section of the Salesforce Architects website. Direct URL:

Salesforce Product Roadmaps Page

The can filter Product Roadmaps based on Product Area, Status and Release.

You can find following details about the features:

  • Feature Name – link to documentation related to the feature if available
  • What – a description of the feature and its functionality
  • Where – information on the experience and edition where this feature will be available
  • Status – provides insight into the availability of each feature at the time of the release. Each feature can be in PilotBeta, or GA
Salesforce Product Roadmaps Feature Details

Salesforce will be onboarding more product areas and adding functionality into the roadmap component. Some of planned enhancements are:

  • Expanding Product Areas and deeper alignment with Release Notes
  • Adding a filter for Product Name (in addition to Product Areas)
  • Support for deep linking & sharing filtered views
  • Filtering by Edition
  • Visuals to help you see what products are in the roadmap and when things are delivered

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