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Sep 2022 Salesforce IdeaXchange Prioritization is Now Open

September 2022 Salesforce IdeaXchange Prioritization is Now Open.

Let your voice be heard, and help Salesforce Product Managers decide which ideas to prioritize for development. Prioritization is open through 11 PM PDT, September 26.

How IdeaXchange Prioritization Works?

You can prioritize top ideas by cloud. Prioritization by cloud enables you to focus on even more features that you want to see in future roadmaps. You have a 100 coin allowance to spend on listed top ideas. You can spread your coins out or put them all into your favorite idea. The ideas with the most coins at the end of prioritization get top attention from Salesforce product teams.

You can start prioritizing for Sep 2022 Prioritization cycle here!

You can check winning ideas from past prioritization cycles here!

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