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Session 1 – Free Salesforce Admin Certification Training for Beginners

Free Salesforce Admin Certification Training for Beginners. Are you a college student or someone without any prior experience in Salesforce looking to learn Salesforce for free? This training is specially for you! Follow this Do It Yourself style training and learn Salesforce and pass Salesforce Admin Certification in less than 3 months.

Summary and recordings for Session 1 of Free Salesforce Admin Certification Training by Forcepective held on 8 Jan 2022.

1. Agenda

  • What is Salesforce?
  • Salesforce Trailhead
  • Salesforce Certified Admin Exam
  • About the Training
  • Salesforce Platform Basics
  • Data Security
  • Permission Sets
  • Assignments

2. What is Salesforce?

  • Salesforce Company
    • Customer Relationship Management Application & Cloud Solutions Company
    • Subsidiaries 
      • MuleSoft 
      • Slack 
      • Tableau 
  • Salesforce CRM
    • World’s No. 1 CRM
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform
    • Platform as a Service(PaaS) to build custom apps

3. Salesforce Trailhead

  • Salesforce Learning Platform
  • Best resource to learn Salesforce for free
  • Trailhead URL:
  • Content
    • Module – A module covers a specific subject.
    • Trail – A trail is an ordered group of modules, projects, or both that provides a guided learning path to learning a new skill, product, or role.
    • Project – A project is a series of hands-on steps that lets you learn Salesforce skills by putting them into practice. 
    • Trailmix –  A trailmix consists of modules, projects, trails, and superbadges.
    • Superbadge – Superbadges help you learn across an entire feature area by providing a real-life business scenario for which you have to build a solution.
  • Salesforce Documentation URL:

4. About the Salesforce Certified Admin Exam

  • Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and 5 non-scored questions
  • Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 65% (39 out of 60 Questions)
  • Registration fee: USD 200 plus applicable taxes 
  • Retake fee: USD 100 plus applicable taxes
  • Prerequisites: None

5. Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Outline

  1. Configuration and Setup: 20% (12 Questions)
  2. Object Manager and Lightning App Builder: 20% (12 Questions)
  3. Sales and Marketing Applications: 12% (7 Questions)
  4. Service and Support Applications: 11% (6 Questions)
  5. Productivity and Collaboration: 7% (5 Questions)
  6. Data and Analytics Management: 14% (8 Questions)
  7. Workflow/Process Automation: 16% (10 Questions)

6. Salesforce Admin Certification Trailmix

7. Salesforce Platform Basics

  • Cloud Computing – Technology that enables Internet-based services that let you sign up and log in through a browser. Salesforce delivers its service in the cloud. Other familiar cloud computing services include Google Apps and
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Software delivered not by traditional means (such as on disk) but in the cloud, as a service. There’s nothing to download or install, and updates are automatic.
  • Multitenancy – Mode of operation of software where multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared environment. 
  • Salesforce Releases – Salesforce deliver hundreds of innovative features to customers three times a year during Salesforce seasonal releases: Spring, Summer, and Winter.
  • Salesforce Editions
    • Essentials
    • Professional
    • Enterprise
    • Unlimited
  • Org (Organization)
  • Developer Org –
  • Salesforce Navigation
  • Trailhead Playground – An org you can use to complete hands on challenges and try out new features and customizations.
  • Company Info – The Company Information page shows all the important information about your company. The page also includes the user and feature licenses purchased for your organization.
  • Profile – Profiles define how users access objects and data, and profiles determine what users can do within the application.
  • Role – Control how your organization reports on and accesses data.
  • Permission Set – A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. Permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles.
  • Permission Set Group –  Bundle permission sets together based on user job functions.
  • User – In Salesforce, each user is uniquely identified with a username, password, and profile. Together with other settings, the profile determines which tasks a user can perform, what data the user can see, and what the user can do with the data.
  • Setup Audit Trail – Setup Audit Trail tracks the recent setup changes that you and other admins make.
  • Login History – Represents the login history for all successful and failed login attempts for organizations and enabled portals. 
  • AppExchange – Enterprise cloud marketplace with ready-to-install apps, solutions, and consultants that let you extend Salesforce. 

8. Data Security

  • Organization
    • Password policies – To ensure that the appropriate level of password security is used for your organization, specify password requirements with Password Policies settings for users assigned to a profile.
    • Login Hours
    • IP Ranges
  • Objects
    • CRUD
  • Field
    • Access
    • Read only
  • Records
    • OWD – Oganization-wide sharing settings can be set to Private, Public Read Only, Controlled by Parent or Public Read/Write.
    • Role Hierarchy – Determines whether users have access to records they don’t own, including records to which they don’t have sharing access, but someone below them in the hierarchy does.
    • Sharing Rule – Use sharing rules to extend sharing access to users in public groups, roles, or territories. Sharing rules give particular users greater access by making automatic exceptions to your org-wide sharing settings.
    • Manual Sharing – Manual sharing gives other users access to certain types of records, including accounts, contacts, and leads.

9. Assignments: Trailhead modules to be completed before Session 2

Configuration and Setup: 20% (12 Questions)

  1. Salesforce Platform Basics
  2. Prepare Your Salesforce Org for Users
  3. User Management
  4. View and Manage Users
  5. Customize an Org to Support a New Business Unit
  6. Identity Basics
  7. Control Who Sees What
  8. Data Security
  9. Permission Set Groups
  10. Protect Your Data in Salesforce

10. Useful Links

  1. Trailhead URL:
  2. Developer Org Signup URL:
  3. What is Salesforce Admin?:
  4. Admin Certification Guide:
  5. How to get Free Salesforce Certification Voucher?:
  6. Admin Certification Trailmix:

11. Session Recordings

11.1 Salesforce Admin Certification Training Session 1

11.2 Salesforce Admin Certification Training Session 1 Part 2

12. Free Salesforce Admin Certification Training Blogs

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