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Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential Maintenance Guide

Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential Maintenance Guide.

What is Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential?

Salesforce Accredited Professional (AP) Credentials are available through Partner Learning Camp and will assist you in deepening your product and industry knowledge, gaining confidence in implementation, and driving customer and partner success.

For certain Navigator distinctions, the Accredited Professional Credentials counts toward your company’s knowledge check requirement.

Navigator distinctions are the primary way for consulting partners to market their Salesforce Practice. Would you like to learn more about the Partner Navigator Program? Visit the Partner Navigator Program Page for more information.

You can find more about Salesforce Accredited Professional Credentials here!

Do I Need to Maintain My Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential?

Yes. Your Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential is only valid for two years. All AP credentials must be maintained to stay valid. Your maintenance date is particular to you, just as the day you obtained your credential is. Simply log into PLC and finish a quick maintenance course on or before the expiration date to maintain your AP certification. The duration of each maintenance course is 15 to 30 minutes.

How Can I Know If a Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential Maintenance Exam Is Due for Me?

Maintenance Notifications on your Learner Dashboard in Partner Learning Camp: If you have a credential that is set to expire in 90 days or less, you will be able to enroll and complete the maintenance course relevant to your credential right from your dashboard.

Email Reminders: Once your credential is within 90 days of expiration, you’ll receive reminders 30, 60 and 90 days out

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