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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Guide

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Guide.

The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional exam is intended for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience with implementing the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud solution with an industry-specific data model.

About the Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

  • Content: 33 multiple-choice/multi-select questions
  • Time allotted to complete the exam: 60 minutes
  • Passing Score: 63% (21 out of 33 questions)
  • Registration Fee: $150 plus applicable taxes
  • Retake Exam Fee: $75 plus applicable taxes
  • Prerequisites: None

2. Exam Outline

Data Setup37%11
Visit Execution39%12
Visit Planning6%2
Integration 6%2

3. Consumer Goods Cloud AP Exam Study Course

Accredited Professional Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Important Topics for Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional Exam

Consumer Goods
  • Two Types of Consumer Goods
    • Consumer staples, also known as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG), include products like pet food, fabric softener, and skin care products.
    • Consumer durables include products like footwear, outdoor equipment, and furniture.
  • Three trends that will most affect consumer goods:
    1. Increasing digitization
    2. Rising consumer expectations
    3. Disruptive business models

  • Consumer Goods Cloud addresses the most common presales and merchandising activities with six predefined assessment task definition types.
    1. Inventory check
    2. Promotion check
    3. In-store survey
    4. Planogram check
    5. Order creation
    6. Other
  • CRM Analytics dashboards for the Consumer Goods app gives you actionable insights on store compliance, last store visit, inventory compliance, product performance, and account hierarchy.
  • CRM Analytics-powered dashboards 
    • Team Performance Dashboard
    • Sales Rep Performance Dashboard
    • Store Performance
    • Product Performance
  • Retail execution is any activity performed by sales professionals at a physical point of sale to drive growth of their brand in the retail channel.
  • Consumer Goods Cloud helps bridge the gap between planning and execution by providing account managers and field teams with one platform to connect planning, execution, and retail customers. 
  • Consumer Goods Cloud focuses on three specific areas:
    1. Smart visit planning informed by Einstein Analytics
    2. Efficient delivery of the perfect shelf
    3. Smart selling in-store

  • Consumer Goods Cloud key features:
    • Visit Planning, to drive efficiency in scheduling and routing
    • Visit Execution, to maximize productivity
    • Einstein Vision for Consumer Goods Cloud, to accelerate inventory monitoring and merchandising compliance checks
    • Mobile Order Capture, to make in-store order capture easier

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