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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins and Developers in 2024

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins and Developers in 2024.

1. Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector Chrom Extension

Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

Extension to add a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work.

2. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code. Using this extension you can search your code components your salesforce instance:

  • Apex Classes
  • Apex Triggers
  • Vsualforce Pages
  • Visualforce Components
  • Lighting Component

In addition to the above you can use this extension to jump to classes / pages / triggers from the advanced quick find section on the left hand side.

3. ORGanizer for Salesforce

ORGanizer for Salesforce

The ORGanizer Chrome Extension (BETA) lets you forget about your username and passwords and help you to recognize tabs on your browser. With Salesforce ORGanizer you can:

  • Store your frequently used accounts: username / password / login url / landing page – Login an account on a new tab, window and window on incognito mode or get the full login URL for other browsers
  • Change an ORG tab and title to instantly recognize which tab belongs to which ORG
  • Use the built in Quick Link tool to quickly access your most used standard Salesforce links
  • Create your personal ORG’s quick link library to handle special links
  • Use the Quick Links tool to make a global search or open a custom relative link (e.g. from a copied Salesforce ID) or login to another ORG
  • Use the Quick Console right inside your Salesforce tab to have quick access to describe manager, queries, execute anonymous and other handy tools

4. Salesforce Lightning Inspector

Salesforce Lightning Inspector

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector opens up and improves your Lightning Component development, giving you access to a wealth of data about your running applications and components.  

With the Salesforce Lightning Inspector you can:

  • Easily inspect and navigate the structure of your components
  • Identify performance bottlenecks by looking at a graph of component creation time
  • Debug server interactions faster by monitoring and modifying responses
  • Navigate the component tree, inspect components and their associated DOM elements
  • Track event firing and handling sequences

5. Salesforce DevTools

Salesforce DevTools

Powerful Salesforce developer tools, includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and others.

Salesforce DevTools is a powerful Salesforce developer chrome extension for doing the below things :

  • Display fields API name on Salesforce object detail page.
  • Quickly generate Apex code / SOQL, exporting query results to Excel file.
  • Quickly access to new record page, list page and object setting page of any object.
  • Exporting Objects Definition to Excel file.
  • Exporting Objects Fields Definition to Excel file.
  • Exporting Objects Page Layout Definition to Excel file.
  • Exporting Objects List View Definition to Excel file.
  • Salesforce data modal (ERDs) generator.
  • All Check / Select on profile edit page and field permissions edit page.
  • Mass edit, mass delete, mass clone custom fields (Only Classic).

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins and Developers in 2022

6. Salesforce API Fieldnames

Extension shows the API field names on detail pages. Small extension to toggle between API field names and labels on salesforce detail pages.

7. Salesforce Change Set Helper

Salesforce Change Set Helper

Enhances the Salesforce change set. Adds last changed date and allows sorting, searching, validation and comparison with other orgs.

A chrome extension to improve the usability of Salesforce change sets. Features include:

  • Includes the last modified date and user and api name for each item.
  • Automatically ordered by most recent modified first.
  • Filter/Search/Order by any field.
  • Sets all pages to show the 1000 rows. If more than 1000 items in a page, asks if you want to continue to retrieve more.
  • View and Search on items in the change set. This allows you to see the whole change set and search to make removing much easier.
  • Compare to another org (uses OAuth2.0 — no username or password information is seen or stored by this extension).
  • Shows the last modified date and user for the compared org as well.
  • Click the file name to see a diff of the metadata file between orgs.

8. Salesforce Mass Editor

Salesforce Mass Editor Chrome Extension
  • Mass create, mass update, mass clone, mass delete on any list view. Support for both Classic and Lightning!
  • Salesforce Mass Editor is a simple but powerful chrome extension for doing the below things :
  • Makes any Salesforce list view to be a powerful mass editor.
  • Mass insert, mass clone, mass update and mass delete.
  • Mass copy & paste from Excel with multiple rows and cells data.
  • Export list view data to CSV file.

9. Boostr for Salesforce

Boostr for Salesforce  Chrome Extension

Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr. Current features include:

  • Ability to search when adding items to a change set
  • Filtering by type when adding to a change set
  • Showing all items of a given type on one page when adding to a change set
  • Adding checkbox to table header in admin area to check and uncheck all items in that column
  • Displaying the API Name next to field names when editing a field set
  • Using Pascal Case for the API Name when creating new objects and fields
  • Preventing the placeholder text from filling in the setup area sidebar
  • Display number of selected fields on field history tracking page
  • Ability to uncheck all page layouts by default when creating a new field
  • Convert Salesforce Id’s from the app’s popup menu
  • See additional system overview stats
  • Failed Tests to re-run in the Apex Test Execution page with the click of a button

10. Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce Chrome Extension

Compare Record data values and object metadata in Salesforce. This extension compares any two objects or its records (could be from same org or different orgs) and highlights all the differences found. It can show you the following:

  • Which fields are missing in target org.
  • Which fields are missing in source org
  • Which fields have metadata difference (change in formula, datatype , required etc.)
  • Which fields have data value mismatch

What are your favourite Chrome Extensions for Salesforce, please let us know in comments!

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