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Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension Explained

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension Explained.

1. What is Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension?

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension is a productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Store Listing

2. How do I install Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension?

You can install Salesforce Inspector from Chrome Web Store. Here is the installation URL.

3. Does Salesforce Inspector Work in Lightning?

Yes. Salesforce Inspector is fully supported in Lightning.

4. How Can I Access Salesforce Inspector in my Org?

Salesforce Inspector can be accessed from the side menu in your org.

Salesforce Inspector Side Menu
Salesforce Inspector Side Menu

5. What are the key features of Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension ?

Key features of Salesforce Inspector are:

  1. Browse Objects
  2. Browse Users
  3. Show All Data
  4. Data Export
  5. Data Import
  6. Org Limits
  7. Explore API
  8. Download Metadat

5.1. Browse Objects

You can use Browse Object option to search for Object.

Browse Objects

5.2. Browse Users

You can use Browse Users option to search for a User.

Browse Users

5.3. Show All Data

You can use Show All Data to view data about a record.

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension - Show All Data
Show All Data Account

5.4. Data Export

Data Export can be used to export data from Salesforce

  • Enter the Query in Export Query text area
  • Click on Export Button.
  • Select File format to copy the result
Data Export


  • “Include deleted and archived records?” checkbox will include deleted records (records present in the recycle bin) for Export
  • “Use Tooling API?” option is used to query and export the metadata from your org

5.5. Data Import

Data Import section can be used to import data.

  • Select Object name
  • Choose file format as Excel or CSV
  • Copy the data from excel or csv and paste it in the data column
  • Click on Import
Data Import

5.6. Org Limits

Org Limits section can be used to view the governor limits consumed by your org.

Org Limits

5.7. Explore API

You can user the Explore API section to view various REST APIs available in your Org.

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension - Explore API

5.8. Download Metadata

This option can be used to Download Metadata from your Org.

  • Select the metadata components you would like to download
  • Click on Download metadata button
Download Metadata

6. How do I run a Query in Salesforce Inspector?

You can run a Query in Salesforce Inspector using the Data Export option.

Write your query in Export Query text area and click on Export button to view the Query results.

Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension - Run a Query

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