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Workbench for Salesforce Explained

1. What is Workbench for Salesforce?

Workbench for Salesforce is a free to use, feature rich, online tool used by Developers and Admins to interact with Salesforce.

2. How can you access Workbench for Salesforce?

Steps to access Workbench:

Workbench for Salesforce Login Page
Step 1. Workbench Login URL:
Step 2. Select Environment (For developer org please select production)
Step 4. Agree to the terms of service
Step 5. Click on Login with Salesforce button
Step 6. Salesforce Login Screen will be displayed. Please enter Username and Password and click on Log In button
Salesforce Login Page
Step 7. If you logging in for the first time you will have to Allow Workbench to access your Salesforce Org

Workbench Salesforce Login Approval
Step 8. On successful log in Workbench Home screen will be displayed.
Workbench Home Page

3. What are the key features of Workbench for Salesforce?

Workbench Features List

You can categorize Workbench features into 6 broad categories:

  1. Setup – Update Workbench Settings
  2. Info – Information about Standard/Custom Objects, Metadata and Session
  3. Queries – SOQL and SOSL Queries
  4. Data – Insert/Update/Delete Data
  5. Migration – Deploy, Retrieve Metadata
  6. Utilities – Rest Explorer, Password Management

3.1 Setup – Update Workbench Settings

Workbench Setup Screen

3.2 Info – Information about Standard/Custom Objects, Metadata and Session

You can access information about Standard/Custom Objects, Metadata and Session from the info option from the menu.

Info Screen

3.3 Queries – SOQL and SOSL Queries

You can write SOQL and SOSL queries from the queries option in the menu. The query results can be viewed as a List, Matrix, Bulk CSV or Bulk XML. You can also choose to exclude or include deleted and archived records from query results.

Queries Screen

3.4 Data – Insert/Update/Delete Data

You can use the data option in the menu to Insert/Update/Delete records from a Salesforce Org.

Data Screen

3.5 Migration – Deploy, Retrieve Metadata

You can deploy and retrieve metadata as a zip file to/from a Salesforce org via the Migration option in the menu.

Migration Screen

3.6 Utilities – Rest Explorer, Password Management

You can use the Utilities option in menu to REST operations or manage passwords.

Rest Explorer

4. Key Considerations for using Workbench for Salesforce

  • You can use Workbench for free but it is not an official product.
  • It has not been officially tested or documented. support is not available for Workbench.
  • Data from your Salesforce Org may be stored for sometime on Workbench Servers

How frequently do you use Workbench and, what is your favourite feature? Please let us know in comments!

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