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Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav, a Salesforce Architect, brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Hailing from the vibrant city of Buxar in Bihar, India, he finds inspiration in his cultural heritage and applies it to his work. He is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Dinesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree from the esteemed Army Institute of Technology in Pune, which has equipped him with a solid foundation for his career.

With a profound understanding of the Salesforce platform, Dinesh excels as a trusted expert in crafting and implementing solutions that optimize business processes and foster growth. His adeptness in navigating complex challenges, effective communication skills, and ability to lead teams make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dinesh is an avid traveler and photography enthusiast. He revels in exploring new destinations, immersing himself in diverse cultures, and capturing the world’s beauty through his lens. His photographs effortlessly weave captivating stories and inspire others to appreciate the wonders that surround them. For a glimpse of his recent work, please follow him on Instagram.

Dinesh’s unwavering commitment to growth and learning propels him forward. He actively seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, particularly within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Recognizing the power of collaboration, Dinesh actively engages with the Salesforce community. He generously shares his knowledge and insights through speaking engagements, his blog DYDC, webinars, and mentoring opportunities, thereby contributing to the growth and advancement of the ecosystem.

With a unique blend of technological prowess and a passion for travel and photography, Dinesh Yadav inspires others through his unwavering dedication, innovative thinking, and commitment to personal and professional development. His mission is to make a positive impact by leveraging his skills and expertise to drive organizational success and foster positive change.

Career Summary:

Salesforce Architect at IBM

Salesforce Architect Trailblazer Community Group Leader

18+ years of IT experience

12+ years in Salesforce ecosystem

43x Salesforce, Vlocity, Copado, Conga, Slack, Celonis, Mulesoft, Flosum, AWS & Java Certified

1,200+ Trailhead Badges

50+ Trailhead Superbadges

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on are in my private capacity and are not a reflection of the views of my employer or Salesforce.

Let’s Connect:

33x Salesforce Certified

Salesforce Admin Certification BadgeSalesforce Certified Platform Developer I BadgeSalesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant BadgeSalesforce B2B Solution Architect BadgeMarketing Cloud Email Specialist BadgeSalesforce Certified User Experience Designer Badge
Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification BadgePlatform Developer IISalesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant BadgeSalesforce B2C Solution Architect BadgeSalesforce Data Architect Certification BadgeSalesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Badge
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder BadgeSalesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I BadgeSalesforce Experience Cloud Consultant BadgeApplication ArchitectDev Lifecycle and Deploy ArchitectSalesforce Integration Architect Certification Badge
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator BadgeOmniStudio DeveloperField Service ConsultantSystem ArchitectSalesforce OmniStudio Consultant BadgeSalesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
CPQ SpecialistIndustries CPQ DeveloperTableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant BadgeSalesforce Identity and Access Management Architect BadgeSalesforce Certified Strategy Designer Badge LogoSalesforce Certified Business Analyst Badge Logo
Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant BadgeMarketing Cloud ConsultantSalesforce Certified Associate BadgeSalesforce Certified Sales Representative Badge

6x Accredited Professional

Advanced Cross Channel BadgeEinstein Prediction Builder Accredited Professional BadgeEinstein Next Best Action Accredited ProfessionalFinancial Services Cloud Accredited Professional BadgeProcess Automation Badge
Salesforce CDP Accredited Professional Exam Badge

Other Certifications

Mulesoft Developer Level 1 CertificateSlack Certified AdminCopado Robotic Testing CertificationAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner BadgeCelonis Certified Business Value Architect Logo

Other Badges

Insurance Insights and Solutions (Silver)Telecommunications Industry JumpstartInsurance Industry JumpstartHealthcare Industry JumpstartIBM Garage Methodology Explorer
IBM Cloud Garage Test-Driven Development (TDD)Design & User Experience (D&UX) EssentialsIBM Salesforce EssentialsEnterprise Design Thinking PractitionerIBM Garage Method for Cloud Advocate
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